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The Evolution of the Swarovski Crystal Flatback

A crystal is not just a crystal….And all crystals are not created equal. The Swarovski crystal flat back is renowned across the globe as Swarovski produces the best and highest quality crystals made anywhere today!

But the Swarovski flat back we see today is not the same crystal that was created by Daniel Swarovski in 1895.

The Swarovski crystal flat back has evolved – the facets, hot fix technology and lead composition, along with the style numbers have changed over the years.

We are breaking this evolution down for you in this Infographic.

*Download the Infographic Here

At HARMAN, we provide our customers with the newest and highest quality product. We are pleased to offer Swarovski’s most recent innovated stone, 2088 Xirius Flat Back in a large variety of colors and in sizes SS12 through SS48. This 16-faceted stone is widely popular, and one step closer to the diamond! Shop our assortment of 2088 Flat Backs here.  For smaller sizes (up to SS12), we have stock of the 2058 Xilion Flat Backs. Check out our assortment of 2058 Flat Backs to see the selection available. If you are looking for a great deal on crystals, we are currently running a sale on the 2000, 2012, and 2028 older styles – up to 50% off. These older styles, sizes and colors are in high demand since Swarovski is no longer producing them and we are offering them at a deep discount.
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