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What our customers have to say...

"Of all the times I've purchased Swarovski crystals online, it has never been as pleasant as it has been with Harman Beads, and specifically with Alisa. She always took care of me with whatever the issue was. At one point, some stones were damaged from shipping and she immediately took all the measures to fix the situation. I needed a lot of special production items produced from Swarovski. Alisa helped A LOT to have Swarovski agree to actually produce them and at a reasonable cost. I was also very concerned about shipping a very large and expensive package (because of package loss and things like that) she was very reassuring, and pointed me to which option was the safest and fastest. Got it in just 2 business days. All perfectly packed. All in all, it was just a delight to work with her, and I look forward to do business with her again." – Benjamin from France (October 2019)

"I just want to thank you so much. I never have to stress out when I order from you because I know my beads will come super quickly and the order is always spot on! Thanks again. " – Lynne from New Jersey (June 2019)

"I enjoy working with the people at your company! You have excellent customer service! I'm so glad I found you, as you are the #1 business I go to for Swarovski crystals." – Kay from Minnesota (December 2017)

"I’m very impressed with your service. I received my package today (earlier than expected) now I can complete my work for my client earlier than anticipated. Thank you so much for the quick and accurate service." – Jackie from Nevada (October 2017)

“I just LOVE you guys! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It gets really stressful when these dresses arrive and have to be stoned so fast for the WORLD championships. And since they are custom and often sight unseen before they arrive – it’s really hard to anticipate what will be needed exactly. They have to be done right and you all make my life so much easier (and less stressful) with your awesome customer service. Please let your management team know how much I appreciate all of you in this day and age where everything is automated and takes forever to get responses. You guys get it – you are simply the best. #imacustomerforlife” – Debbie from Pennsylvania (April 2017)

"Just wanted to give you a feel-good shout out.  I’ve been blinging for a few years now, and I really appreciate the service and Swarovski products I get from you guys.  Obviously, I use the standard Swarovski rhinestones, but I also really like all the other styles that you carry that others don’t.  You allow me to be creative in my designs and that is what makes me different.  So, thank  you!” –Lisa from California (January 2015)

“Hi Har-Man.  I’ve been in business for a long-ish time and I realize that all the Czech seed beads come from the same factory.  So, why are yours always better?  I don’t get it.  But I like it.” –Mike from Oklahoma (December 2014)

“You guys are the best!  Thank you for getting my package out at the last minute yesterday and for shipping it overnight!  I received it today just in time to finish my designs.  Yeah!  Will definitely be ordering again.” –Laryssa from Utah (October 2014)

“As an interior designer to high end clientele, I need the best quality products and top notch customer service.  Thank you Har-Man for always providing both.  You help me keep my business growing.  I am grateful.” –Margaret from Texas (August 2014) 

"I just want to say WOW and thank you for the outstanding service in regards to shipping my latest order. They arrived so fast and served as reason enough to use you as my main supplier." –Joey from USA (November 2013)

"I just want to thank you for the beautiful crystals I got (UPS) today.. I had been searching for those 16mm cosmic beads in jet for almost two yrs.. I had all but given up finally send me a list of stores they recommended & you were one!! I am thankful you had the beads I needed & they are still in production.... and all the other beads I bought are beautiful & shipped in excellent condition. I look forward to my next purchase! Thank you so much!" –Jacqueline from USA (March 2012)

"I received my first order from today. Wow. Please deliver my appreciation to all the people involved in processing my order. I liked everything I received, and I am looking forward to making more orders in the near future. Thank you for the catalogs. They're great." –Moogie from Mongolia (November 2011)

"I am so happy with you guys! I have been in business for over two years now and the biggest pain in the neck has always been when I needed to order crystals. Either places were too expensive or the places that had decent prices would take forever to get them out to me. I love Harman and I am so happy I found you guys! Thanks so much!" –April from USA (October 2010)

"Alisa gives me her professional touch when designing my specialty products. She gives her best taste and recommendations even from other vendors so that my product will look its best. Alisa gives from her time with much appreciated patience. Sometimes even on her vacation days or after hours. Her personal touch on each of our products are visible. Alisa is someone I highly recommend to work with for best results."  –Jacob from USA (July 2010)

"I LOVE TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE and HARMAN has always provided that. BEST PRICES! BEST SERVICE! BEST PRODUCTS!! Thanks for giving me more than expected. I am not easy to impress and you've done it." –Cara from USA (April 2009)

"I have not seen or heard a company that replies to someone's emails as quickly as you and are as agreeable as you. Your customer service is truly a breath of fresh air.....It is service like this that reminds me why I shouldn't settle for just your everyday supplier when I have this to choose from. You've earned my business and hopefully many others as well.....Keep up the good work, it is appreciated." –Cinthia from USA (July 2008)

"Hi. I got my chain today -- it is really nice -- I am very happy with the service and products i've been getting from your company -- thank you so much.....I think you guys are the greatest and I wish you much success." –Karen from USA (April 2008)

"I would like to say how pleased I was to see that you used recycled packing materials. That is something I try and do in my business as well, and I think that it shows a sense of environmental consciousness as well as a desire to keep costs down. This has definetly reaffirmed my choice to use Har-Man for my Swarovski crystal orders." –Lucy from USA (April 2008)

"It was a pleasure working with you on my order. Gee.....I'm not used to such GREAT service! You're going to get me spoiled. I will talk to you soon about my next order." –Danielle from USA (February 2008)

"I got my order and am totally thrilled with your beads. They are phenomenal. Some of the handmade beads I got are absolutely identical to old vintage beads that I have collected. So glad I found you. Great beads...I will be reordering soon." –Caryn from USA (December 2007)

"Hi everyone at Har-Man. I've just received my colour chart and catalogue. Even though no one else was with me at the time I said out loud "Oh my goodness!! This is fantastic!!!" Being totally new to all of this sort of thing and seeing lots of colour charts in web sites etc, I was exceedingly impressed by your display....It all arrived quickly and is well worth the investment." –Donna from Australia (July 2007)