Preciosa Hot Fix Flatback Rhinestones
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Preciosa Hot Fix Flatback Rhinestones

Preciosa crystal Hot Fix Flatback Rhinestones are amongst the world leaders of brilliant crystal rhinestones. Used primarily for textile application by the world’s leading designers due to the heat activated glue on the back of the stone. Preciosa crystal rhinestones offer a unique and unparalleled brilliance, with quality glue that will adhere indefinitely when applied properly. The VIVA 12 line of rhinestones is lead free and the most popular.

The MAXIMA line of Preciosa rhinestones is the premium Preciosa GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ lead-free quality. It is the state of the art in crystal components and meets the highest standards of quality and ecological certification. Look for the MAXIMA name in the product name for all these items. For all current certifications or for more specific information click here.
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