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Preciosa Ornela Bugle Bead Color Card
Preciosa Ornela Bugle Bead Color Card

Preciosa Ornela Bugle Bead Color Card

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1 Color Card
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The bugle bead color card is an absolute must have for any designer or bead retailer who needs to see what specific colors look like. Preciosa Ornela is the only manufacturer of bugle beads in the Czech Republic. This color card shows most of the colors they make, and all the basic glass colors. Each bead color is sewn to the board so you can see the true color of the bead. The color card shows transparent bugle beads, opaque bugle beads, metallic bugle beads, rainbow coated bugle beads, luster coated bugle beads, silver lined bugle beads, as well as twisted bugle beads.


The bugle bead sample card features:

  • 3 pages of actual color and size samples.
  • Item specifications.
  • Directions for use/wear.

The card is made of heavy stock cardboard and is 8.25x11.75 inches.

*Please note the color card is strictly a guideline.  Deviations in color and/or coatings are unavoidable and are to be tolerated.  This is industry standard.

*Please note that the color card shows many colors produced by Preciosa Ornella.  Har-Man carries many additional colors to what is on the color card.  Additionally, Har-Man may also not carry all the colors shown on the card. 

*Please Note: Color swatches are for informational purposes only. Colors on your screen are affected by different monitor settings and web browsers.
*Item sizes shown are NOT to scale.

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