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Swarovski Application

There are a lot of Swarovski crystal products, and therefore various ways to apply them. Find the right product and the correct application method. Click here for general Swarovski crystal application information. For more specific application methods, click on any of below for detailed information.

Jewelry making is simplified when it comes to soldering, plating and setting Swarovski stones. Click here to learn the basics on how to solder and plate to make jewelry and also how to set stones. Most companies will not solder or plate themselves, but rather send their designs out to a professional plater or solderer. But it is important to understand the process, nonetheless.

Many of Swarovski crystals can be adhered by using glue to a wide range of materials. Among these are round stones, no hot fix flatbacks, fancy stones, pendants, various trimmings, and even crystal fabrics and mesh! Click here to learn all the ins and outs of gluing Swarovski crystals into cavities or flat surfaces on many different materials. Whether using a 2-part epoxy, alternative industrial glues or UV glue you will learn best practice for application and troubleshooting.

Ceralun is a two-component ceramic epoxy composite especially developed to set Swarovski crystals. It is a clay-like material that hardens to hold Swarovski round, fancy stones and no hot fix flatbacks. Perfect for use in jewelry design, and other industries such as accessories, interiors and electronics. Click here for more information on Ceralun and how to use it. (Ceralun is available by Special Order only, and not sold on our website. Please call for more information.)

Swarovski Hot Fix products have a heat activated glue adhered to the back for easy application using heat. This technique helps crystals to be applied simply, quickly, and securely! Click here to learn about the different ways to apply Hot Fix products, exactly how to apply them and how to troubleshoot application problems. Remember, the key to Hot Fix application working is to Test, Test, Test the time, pressure and temperature before you begin!

Applying Swarovski crystals by hand or by sewing or utilizing embroidery machines are very common practices amongst apparel manufacturers and designers. Click here to learn how to apply several different types of Swarovski crystal products, such as banding, buttons, and sew on stones with different sew on application methods.

Learn how to apply Swarovski products such as Snap Fasteners, Rivets and Rose Pins by hand or industrial mechanical application. Perfect for small designers or large manufacturers, primarily in the textile fields. Click here to find the best application method for your production needs.

For any additional questions on how to apply Swarovski products, please contact us at [email protected] or 631-756-9800 and we will be happy to assist you. If we don’t know the answer, we will do our best to find out for you!
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