Swarovski presentation

Alisa Mandel Nogen, Har-Man’s CEO, received a return invitation to speak at the Guggenheim Estate’s annual Design Showhouse.  Her presentation, “Swarovski Crystal in Fashion,” was a perfect fit (pun intended!) for the cultural and design event hosted by the Friends of Sands Point Preserve.  In addition to presentations, the month-long event includes tours, art exhibitions, performances and fashion shows. Alisa was excited to participate for a second year in a row, and more importantly, support the Friends’ mission to preserve the future of the historic estate. 

Swarovski pronunciationAlisa always begins her presentations on Swarovski the same way – with a slide showing how Swarovski is pronounced: “Pronunciation: SWAR-OV-SKI.”  “It is the biggest problem that Swarovski has in the United States,” says Alisa. “Many consumers just don’t know how to pronounce it!”  She then gave a detailed overview of Swarovski crystal which covered how it is made (it is man-made, not mined!), to how is used in a wide variety of industries (fashion, costumes, set-design and Hollywood props). Important facts for consumers were also discussed, such as the new Ingredient Branding Program Swarovski recently released for designers and how consumers can know what they are buying contains authentic Swarovski crystal.

Swarovski presentationIn addition to her slideshow, Alisa also brought samples of Swarovski crystal beads, rhinestones, crystal mesh and other new Swarovski crystal innovations. The samples, as well as two Swarovski magazines were circulated amongst the audience. According to Alisa, “It is important for people to touch and see the Swarovski products we are talking about up close for them to truly understand how they can be used in so many different ways.”

The presentation was well-received, and afterwards Alisa fielded several questions regarding how certain products can be used in various industries – for example, interior, floral and jewelry design.  Alisa’s answer is always the same, “They can be used any way you want them to be used.  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!”

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