DIY Bling Your Masks!
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DIY Bling Your Masks!

It looks like face masks are going to be around for a while. You will be wearing it everyday and it should be treated like a part of your wardrobe. It should reflect who you are and how you feel and match the rest of your outfit. If your face mask is feeling a little unexciting, jazz it up with some sparkle! HARMAN has everything you need to add some bling to your masks. We have put together a curated collection of our best products to help you add sparkle to your masks. Find endless Swarovski crystal Rhinestones, STAR BRIGHT Austrian Crystal Rhinestones, premixed collections of Swarovski rhinestones and all the tools you need including glue and setting tools. Shop below for our pre-selected essentials in crystallizing your mask. Choose from these or shop any of our other rhinestones and application tools. Shop our HUGE assortment here. Be creative, express yourself, stay safe and protect others!
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Wax Stick (for Rhinestones) - 3 Pack
3 Wax Sticks
Crystal Katana Rhinestone Pick Up & Setter
1 Crystal Katana
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