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Swarovski Innovations 2017

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2017 new products include 3 beautiful colors – 2 crystal colors, Graphite, Yellow Opal, and a new Pearl color, Pearlescent White. These new colors are available in many current and new shapes. There are also new organic shapes and innovative additions to the BeCharmed Collection. The overarching theme of these innovations is "The Balance of Nature" and several of the new styles in this collection were designed in collaboration with French-American explorer, Celine Cousteau who was inspired by the depths of the ocean. Read more about the thoughtfulness of the development behind these new trends and how they were developed below.

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Understanding the New Colors

Graphite is an all-purpose color as its color message is universal, neutral, and unisex. With its strong yet calming presence it offers a blueish gray-black tone to the Swarovski color family and offers a bridge between Crystal Silver Night and Jet. Yellow Opal is an exciting new addition to the Opal color family. It is a bright, happy yellow shade with an opulent finish. Yellow Opal can stand alone or can be a perfect complement to classic shades and offering a genuine gemstone appeal. Lastly, we welcome Pearlescent White Pearl, a classic color with a contemporary twist. Both matte and shiny at the same time, the Pearlescent White Pearl has a frosted mother of pearl look. The iridescent pearl offers a soft shimmer that is perfect for soft and pure designs.

Theme: "Balance of Nature"

The theme, "The Balance of Nature", encourages us to focus on the eternal elements: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire – the basis of everything we need to exist. Our modern day is technology driven and our days thrive on over-stimulation. As creatives, we look to art and design for distraction and to connect with our inner selves.

We are introduced to numerous new styles this season, all which represent one of the natural elements.

AIR: Twister Fancy Stone and Dragonfly Pave Pendant – symbolizing purity, calmness, and harmony

EARTH: Contour Flatback, Tiger Pave Pendant, and Scarab Bead – symbolizing the appreciation for natural materials and authenticity

WATER: Raindrop Pendant – symbolizing power, the beauty of movement, and geometric silhouettes

FIRE: Flame Flatback and Panther Bead – symbolizing passion, strength, individuality, and the fierceness of oneself

There are several new styles in this collection that were designed in collaboration with French-American explorer, Celine Cousteau. The marine conservationist who is inspired by the depths of the ocean is the daughter and granddaughter of legendary ocean explorers Jean Michael Cousteau and Jacques Yves Cousteau, respectively. This is her first collaboration with Swarovski and took great inspiration from nature itself. Her beautiful life-like designs of ocean creatures celebrate the beauty of the mostly unseen under-water world!

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