With each biannual Swarovski Innovation Launch, we get the MOST excited about the new colors!! In fact, it is likely to overhear our team members trying to guess the new colors in the weeks leading up to the big reveal. With that being said, we are LOVING the colors released in Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2017 Innovations; new color GRAPHITE, new opal color YELLOW OPAL, and new crystal pearl color CRYSTAL PEARLESCENT WHITE. Below we will highlight the aspects of each of the new colors.

Yellow Opal – A bright, happy yellow shade with a milky texture. Yellow Opal can stand alone or be a perfect complement to classic shades. It offers a genuine gemstone appeal and it’s a great addition to the Swarovski Opal family and perfect to mix with other opal colors. Shop all of the styles and sizes now offered in Yellow Opal.

Explore some of our most popular Swarovski styles available in Yellow Opal.

Here are some colors complimentary to Yellow Opal that would be great to incorporate into designs.

Graphite – An all-purpose color as its message is universal, neutral, and unisex. With its strong yet calming presence it offers a blueish gray-black tone to the Swarovski color family and offers a bridge between Crystal Silver Night and Jet. Shop all of the crystals that are offered in Graphite.

Due to its uniform colors, we think Graphite is an excellent choice for beadwork. Shop our best-selling beads below.

Below is a grouping of complimentary colors to the new Graphite.

Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl - A classic color with a contemporary twist. Both matte and shiny at the same time, the Pearlescent White Pearl has a frosted mother of pearl look. The iridescent pearl offers a soft shimmer that is perfect for soft and pure designs, especially for bridal or wedding. Shop for Pearlescent White Pearls in all the available shapes and sizes.

Be sure to check out our favorite Swarovski pearl now available in Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl. Here are some colors that would be the perfect design compliment to the Pearlescent White Pearl.

To shop all crystal offerings from each color, visit our Swarovski Shop By Color page!! For any questions about complimentary colors, feel free to call us and one of our sales associates would be happy to help you out.

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