Swarovski rhinestones definitely POP! They sparkle, shine and have the most precise machine cut faceting in the world. The latest rhinestone, the Xirius Cut, style 2088, is the most popular Swarovski flatback rhinestone and they are known worldwide for simply being the best!

And while Swarovski rhinestones have always been the best on the market, they have not always looked the same. The faceting has changed over the years. We have developed a one of a kind infographic showing you the evolution of the Swarovski flatback rhinestone and how it has changed over the years.

This chart is super handy! We recommend hanging it on your office wall, in your design space, or wherever you would need to reference it. We have it hanging it lots of places! Download a PDF version here.

Looking at the infographic you will find a ton of great information including the years each of the different styles were released, how many facets (cuts) each style has, if it was available in hot fix and when lead free rhinestones became available.

This is also handy to determine the age of a Swarovski rhinestone and also if the rhinestone you have is a fake. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell if an older cut is not authentic Swarovski, but it is much easier if you can understand the newer cuts.

How to tell if what you have is a 2088 Swarovski rhinestone? Easy. A few features to look for:
  1. Does it have a small flat top in the center?
  2. Are there 16 facets (or cuts) alternating in shape so it looks like a starburst?
  3. Is the faceting precise and smooth and the color clear?
If so, you have a Swarovski 2088 rhinestone! To see the variety of sizes and colors of the 2088 Xirius Flatback Rhinestone, click here.

Our Swarovski rhinestone Infographic was recently featured and blogged about on Swarovski’s own CrystalBlog. Thanks for the shout out, Swarovski! We are proud to be a Swarovski Authorized Reseller and have been purchasing directly from Swarovski’s factory in Wattens, Austria since the 1950s!

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