More Swarovski crystal DeLite Effects - New Colors!!
Due to the ongoing market demand for additional crystals with a more opaque, yet with an intense sparkling appearance – Swarovski introduced 5 ADDITIONAL LacquerPRO DeLite Effects with the latest Spring/Summer 2020 Innovations. Isn’t that DeLITE-FUL?!?

You have never seen Swarovski crystals like these before. Beautiful, brilliant and multi-functional, the new Crystal DeLite color palette offers interest and intrigue to any design. The bright and light summery illuminating colors are perfect for expanded design possibilities. We welcome Crystal Laguna DeLite, Crystal Ocean DeLite, Crystal Peach DeLite, Crystal Sunshine DeLite and Crystal Lavender DeLite to the mix!!!


The newest additions to the Swarovski DeLite Family continue to support the trend of making luxury feel casual and approachable. The casualization of luxury is perfectly captured in the blending of the iridescent hues in this stunning color range. This radiant crystal collection brings together the extraordinary and the ordinary. These brilliant and beautiful colors have highlighted facets that show the depth and clarity for that ULTIMATE SPARKLE!

To learn more about the development of DeLite colors as well as the DeLite colors that have previously been introduced, read our blog on Swarovski DeLite colors here. (To refresh your memory….the Crystal LacquerPRO technology puts a shimmer coating on top of the Lacquer Color arising from the bottom of the crystal.)

These 5 new stunning and sparkling hues are fashion forward and on-trend! The new crystal look harmonizes perfectly with the existing crystal colors and effects from Swarovski crystal color assortment. We should also mention the beautiful magic that happens when paired with the Shiny Lacquer Pro or Shimmer Lines of colors. The tone-on-tone looks made possible with the combination of crystal effects is sophisticated and modern – achieving a highly sought after fashionable “matt sparkle” look.

Crystal Lacquer DeLite Effects are available in best-selling and classic styles of Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Flatback Rhinestones and Hot Fix Flatback Rhinestones. So, you can incorporate the new DeLite colors in apparel as well as jewelry. Click here to view each DeLite color in all the Swarovski crystal product options.

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