Swarovski Jewel Cut Flatbacks
Hello Danceport…..Bring on the Glamour!! Swarovski just released a new collection of Flatback Rhinestones, the Jewel Cut Flatback Collection.  In response to the high demand and trend for lavish embellishment, a new gemstone inspired family of crystals was produced.  These rhinestones, while developed to meet the needs of the dance costume industry can obviously be used in many other industries as well. These flatback crystals are larger in size and are perfect for making a bold statement in your designs. Currently they are available in the most popular colors – Crystal and Crystal AB.

There is a unique and special sophistication, beauty, and elegance that can be found in classic gem-stone shapes that is sure to translate well as flatback crystals. By taking classic cuts typically used for jewelry; such as the navette, pear, square, and classic round; and converting them into flatbacks, the rhinestones are inherently elevated.

The Jewel Cut Flatback Family

The initial release of these new Jewel Cut Flat Backs includes a Marquise Flatback, Pear Flatback, Square Flatback and the extension of the Rivoli Round Flatback to include larger sizes in Crystal AB.

The Swarovski 2201 Marquise Flatback is a gem inspired take on the traditional navette shape.   There are 10 triangular cuts reflect light beautifully and form a diamond shaped table top that offers a mirror like effect. Offered in 14x6mm and 18x9mm in both Crystal and Crystal AB.  Click here to shop Swarovski 2201 Marquise Flatback Rhinestones.

  Crystal                      Crystal AB

The Swarovski 2303 Pear Flatback is a rich and elegant take on a classic and distinctive gemstone shape.  This new jewel cut is offered in 14x9mm and 18x13mm in Crystal and Crystal AB.  Click here to shop Swarovski 2303 Pear Flatback Rhinestones.

Crystal                             Crystal AB



The Swarovski 2404 Square Jewel Flatback was inspired by the popularity of the Swarovski 3240 Square Flatback Stone.  The classic square shape is available in 16mm and in both Crystal and Crystal AB.  Click here to shop Swarovski 2404 Square Flatback Rhinestones.

            Crystal                             Crystal AB        


Lastly, the Swarovski 2006 Rivoli Flatbacks have been extended to include Crystal AB into its product assortment.  The striking Rivoli Flatback features a round base created a 3-Dimensional effect with ultimate sparkle factor!  Click here to shop Swarovski 2006 Rivoli Flatback Rhinestones

 Crystal AB

Dance, Dance, Dance...

The innovation of these new Jewel Cut Flatbacks was conceived from the high demand from the Dancesport industry.  Other recent innovations also speak to the growing demand of the dancesport industry to have crystals that meet their needs.

This year Swarovski also released their line of Swarovski Shimmer Coatings and Swarovski 2088/I Rimmed Xirius Rhinestones to meet the needs of the dance industry in particular. 

This video, produced by Swarovski is an overview of all their recent innovations to meet the needs of the dance industry.

Har-Man wants to help every dancer sparkle bright, so be sure to buy all your rhinestones for dance costume today and let us know how we can help you SPARKLE!  Place your online today or call us at 1-800-BEADS-NY.

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