Swarovski Innovations Spring Summer 2019
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NEW: Swarovski Innovations Spring Summer 2019

Welcome to the Swarovski Innovation Page where we highlight the Swarovski crystal Spring/Summer 2019 Innovations.  The amazing new innovations by Swarovski include new styles, line extensions and new colors.

The new colors include:
  • NEW Crystal Color: Majestic Blue
  • NEW Lacquer Colors: Crystal Lime, Crystal Buttercup, Crystal Lilac
  • NEW Pearl Color: Iridescent Dove Grey
These new colors are available in several best-selling styles, line extensions and a handful of innovative new shapes.   

Click on the products below to view all the new products in more detail. They are all offered in a variety of colors and sizes. 

The overarching theme for this launch is WANDERLUST.  It incorporates four inspirations: CULTURE, FREEDOM, ADVENTURE, and LEISURE.  Numbed and bored by today's technology driven world, we opt to focus on the human element with its emotional, intellectual and spiritual demands.  Craving connection, seeking authenticity and desiring the real, we travel the world - experiencing new cultures and exploring new regions in order to learn, grow and ultimately find happiness.  WANDERLUST highlights new ways of fulfillment and satisfaction through travel experiences that transform us, bringing an element of joy to our lives. 

Click here to see/download the complete Swarovski Innovations Brochure for Spring/Summer 2019.


Understanding the New Color: Majestic Blue
The new Swarovski crystal color Majestic Blue is deep and evocative.  It is an homage to the wide open cobalt skies and the intensity sapphire seas, with its intense ultramarine hue.  This alluring color evokes our desire for freedom and while exuding the elegance of a deep, rich blue.  This intense color of blue has been missing from the current Swarovski offering of blue colors.

New Lacquer Colors:
The three new shiny lacquer colors: Crystal Buttercup, Crystal Lime and Crystal Lilac answer the need for refined shine and uplifting hues.  A perfect match for elegant styles, bold streamlined designs or expressive looks.  Pairs well with Majestic Blue and other colors already existing in the Swarovski color or Lacquer color offerings.

Glamorous: The Iridescent Dove Grey Pearl
Simply grey, yet luminous in its iridescent coating.  The new Dove Grey Iridescent Pearl color by Swarovski is perfect for elegant and refined designs.  It is classic and trans-seasonal. It also offers a new and interesting shade for bridal designs.  With the addition of this color, Swarovski now offers the largest range of Iridescent Pearl colors on the market.   

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