Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2018
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Swarovski Innovations Spring Summer 2018

Welcome to the Swarovski Innovation Page where we highlight the Swarovski Spring/Summer 2018 Crystal Innovations. In addition to a multitude of new styles, the collection includes new crystal colors:

  • A NEW Shimmer Coating: Crystal Shimmer
  • 5 NEW Crystal Lacquer colors: Crystal Azure Blue, Crystal Light Coral, Crystal Mint Green, Crystal Peony Pink, and Crystal Summer Blue
  • 2 NEW Pearl Colors, Iridescent Light Blue, and Iridescent Dark Blue
These new colors are available in several best-selling styles and a handful of innovative new shapes.

Click on the products below to view the new products in more detail. They are all offered in a variety of colors and sizes.

Click here to review the complete Swarovski Brochure on these new innovations. 


Swarovski's Shimmer Coatings are now available in HOT FIX and SS5 & SS9!
For more information and to purchase, please CLICK HERE.




Understanding the New Colors

An extension of the recent introduction of Crystal Shiny Lacquer colors is making colors really POP for summer! Classic spring/summer colors with a shiny edge perfectly resonate with the current consumer mood by matching sophisticated shine with refined sparkle: Crystal Azure Blue, Crystal Mint Green, Crystal Light Coral, Crystal Peony Pink, and Crystal Summer Blue.  All these colors are intense, brilliant colors emanating from a the Lacquer coating on the back of the stone accentuated with a shiny effect on the top of the stone.

Crystal Shimmer
is the newest addition to the Swarovski Shimmer coating line.   In addition to 15 other sparkling Shimmer coated colors, Swarovski is now also offering this new coating on a crystal rhinestone.  Originally offered exclusively to the US market and designed for the dancesport industry, the Shimmer coating is a soft and elegant effect that radiates three shades of a single color to accentuate every move.

The new pearl colors, Iridescent Light Blue and Iridescent Dark Blue are two new colors to the Iridescent Pearl Colors.  The Iridescent Light Blue Pearl was created by smoothly blending two colors: light blue in the center and light violet on the outside.  The Iridescent Dark Blue Pearl was created by smoothly blending sapphire blue in the center and purple on the outside.  The silky matt effect that these Iridescent pearls offer creates an interesting look, where the pearls appear both shiny and matt at the same time.

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