Swarovski Innovations Fall Winter 2018-2019
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NEW: Swarovski Innovations Fall Winter 2018-2019

Welcome to the Swarovski Innovation Page where we highlight the Swarovski Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Crystal Innovations.  The new innovations by Swarovski include new styles, line extensions and new colors.

The new colors include:
  • NEW Crystal Color: Scarlet
  • NEW Shimmer Coating: Light Topaz Shimmer
  • NEW Pearl Color: Velvet Brown
These new colors are available in several best-selling styles, line extensions and a handful of innovative new shapes.

Click on the products below to view the new products in more detail. They are all offered in a variety of colors and sizes.

Click here to review the complete Swarovski Brochure on these new innovations. 





Swarovski 4775C Eye Fancy Stone Setting

Understanding the New Color: Scarlet
Scarlet is a classic red crystal shade with a hint of blue that is more subdued than Light Siam and brighter than Ruby.  It is an exceptionally brilliant color  And unlike Lt Siam and Siam, Scarlet is Cadmium free and made of Advanced Crystal.

More About Shimmer
The extension of the Shimmer Coating to Light Topaz and the inclusion of Shimmer to more product groups including round stones, sew on stones, fancy stones, beads and pendants is indicative of the increased desire for heightened sensory experiences especially in the Dancesport industry.

Luxurious: The Velvet Brown Pearl
A classic, versatile, antique and luxurious brown shade perfect for fall/winter looks.  It is a velvety brown color with a hint of Copper.  The silky matt effect creates an interesting look, so the pearls appear both matt and shiny at the same time.  Velvet Brown is perfectly compatible with the new Scarlet color and combines beautifully with Bronze and Rose Gold Pearls.  It also combines easily with all metallic effects.

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