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Swarovski Rhinestones Hot Fix

The Swarovski crystal flatback rhinestones are loose crystal components with a pre-coated heat sensitive glue already applied to the back of the stone. The stones are easy applied using a hot fix machine, heat applicator tool or iron. These stones were designed primarily for the application to textiles, but can be used on a multitude of materials. When applied correctly, these stones will not fall off. Available in a number of colors, shapes and cuts. The most popular in this category is the Hot Fix Xilion Flatback (#2038 - sizes smaller than SS12) and the Hot Fix Xirius Flatback (#2078 - sizes SS12 and larger) - the most brilliant cuts on the market.



For more information on how to apply Swarovski hot fix flatbacks, please review the
Hot Fix Application Section of the Swarovski crystals Appliation Manual.

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