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2088 Swarovski Xirius Flatback Rhinestones

The 2088 Xirius Flatback Rhinestones are the most popular style of flatbacks made by Swarovski. It is an upgraded style of Swarovski’s former 2058 stone and the new patented cut allows for the ultimate in light refraction – making it shine and sparkle like no other stone. The 2088 rhinestones are called “Xirius rhinestones”, named after the brightest star in the galaxy. The cut features 16 facets and a small table. Swarovski has brought the rhinestone one step closer to the diamond.

This Xirius cut is available only in the larger sizes of SS12 - SS48 (smaller sizes of the standard Swarovski rhinestones are made in the 2058 style), and in a very large range of colors.

These rhinestones can be easily applied by glue or manually in a tiffany or rim setting. They are extremely popular for dance and skating costumes, couture and high end clothing, western fashions, craft and many more industries. As with all Swarovski flatbacks, these rhinestones are very versatile and can be used on many different fabrics or other materials. This Swarovski flatback is made of “advanced crystal” and is lead free.

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