Swarovski 2000 Chaton Rose Flatback Rhinestones
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2000 Swarovski Chaton Rose Flatback Rhinestones

The 2000 Flatback Rhinestones are the simplest and smallest size flatback stone made by Swarovski. This 8 facet style is the has the original faceting of Swarovski’s very first rhinestone. Today, this cut is only made in the very smallest of stones, sizes SS3 and SS4. Larger Swarovski rhinestones are available in styles 2058 and 2088.

The tiny rhinestones are ideal for finely detailed pave work or as fill ins for empty spaces amongst other larger stones.They are extremely popular for dance and skating costumes, couture and high end clothing, nail art, craft and many more industries. This Swarovski flatback is made of “advanced crystal” and is lead free.

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