Swarovski Innovations Fall / Winter 2017 - 2018
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Swarovski Innovations 2017-2018

Welcome to the Swarovski Innovation Page where we highlight the Swarovski Fall/Winter 2017-2018 crystal Innovations around the inspiration: The Nature of Us. In addition to a multitude of new styles, the collection includes new crystal colors:

These new colors are available in several best-selling styles and a handful of innovative new shapes.

Click on the products below to view the new products in more detail. They are all offered in a variety of colors and sizes.

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The theme of this seasons' innovations is "The Nature of Us" which focuses on the influence of sustainable and ethical behaviors on identity-defining activities such as eating, working, and traveling. Millennials and Generation Z are currently influencing our values and creating a more conscious perspective on life. Again, Swarovski partners with legendary and celebrated environmentalist Céline Cousteau on some new crystal innovations.

Understanding the New Colors

Crystal Rainbow Dark is a new metallic effect with a dark, oily pattern on top of crystal. The pattern appearance of the coating allows each crystal to be unique and leads to a feeling of authenticity. This new coating will fit well with modern, edgy, and glamour designs while highlighting the new "non-gender" thought process (where products appeal equally to everyone).

The new line of Crystal Shiny Lacquer colors represents the current consumer mood – where sophisticated shine meets refined sparkle. There are 6 new strong color offerings within this family that are a great mix of shiny surface and opaque backside. They fall into 2 color themes, classic gem stones: Crystal Royal Red (ruby), Crystal Royal Blue (sapphire), and Crystal Royal Green (emerald) and on-trend hues: Crystal Ivory Cream (nude), Crystal Dark Red (burgundy/deep red), and Crystal Dark Grey (elephant grey).

We also are also introduced to Crystal Iridescent Red Pearl, a matte and shiny color that blends together dark red and grey shades. The iridescent look, merging tones together, addresses a new consumer mindset accustomed to transgressing borders and cultures.

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