Swarovski Fall/Winter 2016-17 Innovations
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Swarovski Fall/Winter 2016-17 Innovations

Har-Man Importing is pleased to introduce Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Innovations! Many aspects of this new collection were done in collaboration with designer icon Jean Paul Gaultier. The new Kaputt (means “broken” in German) series of products was Swarovski and Jean Paul Gaultier’s exploration of imperfection. The new styles in this group celebrates the appeal of being different and unpredictable, which is more exciting than being precise and perfect. The new coating Crystal Scarabaeus Green was also developed with this legendary designer. The coating evokes the magic glow of the scarab, shimmering in green, blue and purple with a metallic luster.

In addition to these highly unique innovations, Swarovski has expanded the Crystal Light Chrome coating across many different product groups, developed a new Raindrop flatback rhinestone and expanded their range of Pavé and BeCharmed Collections.

Click on the links below to explore the most exciting items of the new innovations and to place your order.
Please remember to allow approximately two weeks for delivery.

Click here to review the complete Swarovski Brochure on these new innovations.

New Colors!!

Crystal Scarabaeus Green

Crystal Light Chrome

Crystal Scarabaeus Green Pearl

Designer Editions: Kaputt Fancy Stones & Pendants (collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier)

4920_crystalab_thumbnail.jpg4920 Kaputt Oval Fancy Stone (with logo)

4921_goldenshadow_thumbnail.jpg 4921 Kaputt Oval Fancy Stone

4922 Kaputt Fancy Stone (with logo)

4923 Kaputt Fancy Stone

4924 Kaputt Baguette Fancy Stone (with logo)

4925 Kaputt Baguette Fancy Stone

6910 Kaputt Oval Pendant (with logo)

6911 Kaputt Oval Pendant

6912 Kaputt Pendant (with logo)

6913 Kaputt Pendant

Flatbacks (No-Hotfix & Hotfix)

2088/G XIRIUS Rose partly frosted Flatback Rhinestone

2304 Raindrop Flatback Rhinestone

2078/G XIRIUS Rose partly frosted Flatback Rhinestone (Hotfix)

2304 Raindrop Flatback Rhinestone (Hotfix)

Fancy Stones

4331 Raindrop Fancy Stone


67452 Pavé Teardrop Pendant

67462 Pavé Teardrop Pendant Spikes

67472 Pavé Polygon Pendant

67482 Pavé Polygon Pendant Spikes

67492 Pavé Petal Pendant

67502 Pavé Petal Pendant Spikes


5045 Rondelle Bead

5514 Pendulum Bead

BeCharmed Beads & Charms

80912 BeCharmed Pavé Column Bead Spikes

80921 BeCharmed Pavé Column Bead

87000 BeCharmed Crystal Pearl Charm

87001 BeCharmed Crystal Classic Charm

87002 BeCharmed Crystal XILION Triangle Charm

87003 BeCharmed Pave Ball Charm

87004 BeCharmed Crystal Love Charm

87005 BeCharmed Crystal Cross Charm

87006 BeCharmed Crystal Spike Charm

87007 BeCharmed Crystal Queen Baguette Charm

87008 BeCharmed Crystal Skill Charm

87009 BeCharmed Crystal Greek Cross Charm


3008 Classic Crystal Button

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