Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Color Board – The Perfect Designing Tool to Find the RIGHT Color?
So, you are designing with Swarovski Rhinestones. Maybe you are a small designer, maybe you are a big one “important” one. It doesn’t matter because the one tool that anyone designing with Swarovski crystal rhinestones needs is the new Swarovski Rhinestone Color Board

Can we ask you one favor? PLEASE do not use your computer screen as a guide to choose Swarovski crystal colors! Computer monitor screens are not accurate. Subtle differences in monitor settings can change a color entirely. The color you see depends on your own monitor and its settings….it wont be exactly the same as what someone else sees. It will never be 100% accurate. You need a color chart! You need a tool that you can reference to know exactly what the color truly looks like. There is no substitute for this. It is that simple. 

So, let us tell you more about the most awesome Swarovski Rhinestone Color Chart. 

1.  Here is what is inside: 

a. All “IN PRODUCTION” (regularly produced) colors and coatings in Rhinestone styles 2058 and 2088 and the Hot Fix styles 2038 and 2078 are glued to the inside of the board. 

b. It also features all “IN PRODUCTION” colors of Swarovski 2080/4 Hot Fix Cabochons, all “IN PRODUCTION” colors of 2078/I Rimmed Flatback & Hot Fix Rhinestones, and all “IN PRODUCTION” colors of 2078/H Framed Flatback Hot Fix Rhinestones.


2. The back has actual samples of Swarovski rhinestones glued to the back. It contains a select offering of Swarovski rhinestone shapes as well as sizes of the 2058 and 2088 rhinestones in sizes SS 3 to SS 48. Yes, you get to see the actual stones, in the actual sizes.

3. It is made of a very hard and thick plastic that opens like a book (it has 4 sides). You can easily fold it for storage. It also has 2 foldable stands so it is easy to display it upright for easy reference.


4. As a HarMan Exclusive – You will also get individual stickers of any new 2058 and 2088 rhinestone colors that have been released since the production date of the color card. Swarovski only updates this board every few years, so this is important, and you will ONLY get this from HarMan

This new Rhinestone Color Board is the newest and best Swarovski has produced, in our opinion and the ONLY color card you need if you are working with Swarovski Rhinestones. 

It is for sale on our website for $47.00. So, do yourself a favor and stop getting messed up by looking at Swarovski colors on a computer screen and make this one time investment. Your eyes, your designs and your sanity will thank you! 

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, email us at [email protected].

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