Developing SWAROVSKI News

During this time of transition with Swarovski crystal, we created this dedicated page as a resource for you to keep abreast of all the developing news. Please contact us directly if you have any questions about how these changes may affect your business and how we can help you transition. We are working diligently to make sure you continue to have only the finest quality crystal components available to you. Check back often and make sure you are on our mailing list to receive updates directly to your inbox.

Swarovski Brand Control Agreement Q&A - 8/10/2021  New!  

As the end of September 2021 approaches, the new Swarovski distribution and brand control requirements will go into effect. Going forward we are one of the few companies that will be able to continue to provide Swarovski crystals to those brands who have signed a Brand Control Agreement with Swarovski. Unfortunately, if you are not eligible to sign the Brand Control Agreement or choose not to sign it, we will no longer be able to sell you Swarovski crystals after September.

We have outlined a lot of important information about these changes in this email in the form of a Q&A. We ask that you review it carefully.

Q: If you have not signed the Brand Control Agreement….
What is the last day you can submit an order for Swarovski crystals?

A: The Last Day We Will Accept New Swarovski crystal Orders is September 26.
As expected, we have been experiencing an extremely high order volume and we anticipate that this will continue through September. In order to be able to fill all of your orders prior to the Swarovski cut off, the last day we can accept any new Swarovski crystal orders is Sunday, September 26, 2021. Please understand that we need time to process orders and to submit orders to Swarovski before the end of the month.

Please DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE END OF SEPTEMBER to place any new orders. If you wait until September 26, we will do our best but cannot guarantee all orders will be shipped or ordered from Swarovski (if needed) in time. Plan ahead and start submitting your orders now.

Q: If you have not signed the Brand Control Agreement….
What is the last day we can ship any in stock Swarovski crystals?
A: The Last Day We Can Ship Any In Stock Swarovski crystals is September 29.
Any in stock Swarovski crystals MUST be shipped from HARMAN no later than September 29, 2021. Please DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE END OF SEPTEMBER to have any existing orders shipped. Any in stock items that we are not able to ship out before September 29, 2021 will be cancelled. All backorders that have arrived and merchandise we may be holding for you must also be shipped no later than September 29, 2021.

Q: If you have not signed the Brand Control Agreement….
How will backorders arriving after September 29 be handled?
A: Any Swarovski crystals you have on backorder that is not due to arrive to us from Swarovski until AFTER September 29, 2021 can and will be able to be shipped to you when we receive them.


We will be working extremely hard to make sure everyone’s orders get shipped in time, but we need your help. If in stock items are not shipped by September 29, 2021, they will be cancelled.

Q: If you have not signed the Brand Control Agreement….
How can you continue to purchase Swarovski crystals after September?
A: In order to continue purchasing Swarovski crystals after September, you must have a signed Brand Control Agreement with Swarovski. In order to be eligible to sign the agreement, you must meet the following criteria: 
  • You must be a brand owner. 
  • You must design or manufacture a finished product. 
  • You cannot be a reseller of loose components of any kind. 
  • You cannot create or resell kits. 
  • You cannot offer “how-to classes”. 
  • You cannot be in the nail or beauty industries.

If you believe you meet these criteria and would like to submit a request to receive the Brand Control Agreement, please click on this link: Preliminary Request Form For The Swarovski Brand Control Agreement.  Once you have a signed Agreement with Swarovski, they will issue you a Global Sourcing Key Number (GSK #). We will need this GSK # to process any orders for you.

Q: What alternative crystal options do we have if you are not eligible to sign the Brand Control Agreement or choose not to?
A:  Glad you asked! 

We have been a longtime direct importer and distributor of Preciosa Crystals. Preciosa is a very high quality and well-priced crystal brand that offers a lot of the same basic assortment that Swarovski offers. If you are a reseller of loose components, especially for the nail or craft/beading industries, Preciosa will be your best alternative. 

You can find information on Preciosa Crystal on our website. You may also contact us for more information or to request samples. We are adding more Preciosa crystals to our website all the time, so if you do not find what you are looking for online, just contact us as we will be able to help you. 

STAR BRIGHT Crystal is our brand of fine quality crystal rhinestones made in Europe. We offer a curated collection of popular sizes and colors in basic rhinestones. This is the perfect brand for the designer who designs using simple rhinestone shapes. STAR BRIGHT Crystals are also priced at a moderate price point. There is a reason we refer to them as “Affordable Luxury”. You can find information on STAR BRIGHT Crystals our website.

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out our illuminating new line of crystals that will be an exciting alternative to Swarovski for many brands and designers. We know that quality is everything when it comes to sparkle, so we have developed a brand of crystals that is Made in Europe, is lead free and will represent only the best of what crystal can offer. Stay tuned for our exciting announcement! 

We know this is a lot of information.  If you need any further assistance or have additional questions, please contact us.  As always, we truly appreciate you choosing HARMAN for all your sparkle needs, now and in the future. 

Purchasing Swarovski Crystals After Sept 2021 - 3/11/2021

As you know by now, Swarovski is going through an entire corporate restructure resulting in significant changes to their distribution and branding of their loose crystal components.

As of October 1, 2021, HARMAN will be one of the few distributors globally who will be authorized by Swarovski to continue to sell Swarovski branded loose crystal. If you are interested in continuing to purchase Swarovski branded crystals, after September 30, 2021 you will be required to sign a Brand Control Agreement directly with Swarovski (which we will facilitate) and be pre-approved before we are able to sell to you. Furthermore, the ability to purchase loose branded Swarovski crystals will be restricted to end users only: designers and brands who manufacture a finished product. Those who resell loose crystals will not be eligible. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Swarovski Brand Control Agreement and to receive more information once it is available, please fill out our Preliminary Request Form For The Swarovski Brand Control Agreement. All submissions will be notified as soon as the Brand Control Agreement is available. 

If you are not going to continue purchasing Swarovski branded crystal after September 31, 2021, do not worry! As a longtime Preciosa Crystal distributor, we are working to expand our offering of their crystals. And we are very busy developing new sources for new high quality crystals that we plan to introduce later this year.
We understand that you may have a lot of questions about all these changes. Please contact us with any general questions, about the requirements or the process to continue to purchase Swarovski crystals or about other options of crystals, and we will be happy to assist you. 

As always, we truly thank you for choosing HARMAN as your trusted supplier of only the highest quality products. Change is hard; we will get through this together!

OFFICIAL Statement from SWAROVSKI & HARMAN 11/24/2020

We would like to inform you about important changes in the strategic direction of Swarovski’s B2B business and the respective consequences regarding our business relationship. 

Swarovski has embarked on an extensive transformation program, merged its B2B and B2C businesses and will follow a one vision, one strategy, one organization approach from now on. Over the past months Swarovski has been reviewing all fields of activity worldwide to ensure that they are in line with the new strategic direction and economic realities. More than ever Swarovski wishes to protect its individual brand character and avoid confusion in the marketplace as to the nature and branding of products.

As a consequence, Swarovski will continue to offer its sustainable and precision-cut crystals to B2B customers but will be working with a limited number of wholesale customers, manufacturers and application center, in much closer collaboration in the future. In this context, we are delighted to confirm that we will be one of those customers and continue to offer Swarovski crystals in the future.

Nevertheless, there are changes in the operating model that will affect us. More precisely, Swarovski will establish new brand control agreements and wishes our B2B customers to accept, that the purchase of crystal components does not entitle the customer to use the Swarovski brand when selling finished products embellished with Swarovski crystals. In other words, you will have to commit not to state “embellished with crystals from Swarovski” or similar, when selling finished products with Swarovski crystals to consumers.

Swarovski’s new distribution model will focus on the protection of the Swarovski brand assets and is therefore designed for wholesale customers, manufacturers and application center, that re-sell the crystals to B2B customers, who are the crystal end-user, selling the finished products to consumers, and contractually agree to their new ways of working; therefore we will no longer be able to sell to other wholesalers or resellers.

Swarovski is also streamlining the operating model, and it is with much regret that we must inform you, that Swarovski will withdraw from offering Swarovski® components that are tailored for retail segments such as DIY and Nails.

Knowing that the changes are impactful, Swarovski has reassured us that we can continue to purchase Swarovski products at current terms & conditions until end of September, 2021. This means we will be given sufficient time to prepare for the changes and adapt.

We hope that you join us on this transformation journey and continue to choose Swarovski crystals under new terms & conditions. We will be able to discuss all changes with you in detail latest in the first quarter of 2021 and thank you for your patience in the meantime.

HARMAN Statement 11/24/2020 

SWAROVSKI announced that they will be discontinuing part of their product assortment over the next few months. Some items will be discontinued entirely while other will still be produced on special order but requiring minimum order quantities. 

Items slated to be completely discontinued (as future discontinued) will be fully out of production by March 31, 2021 and there will be no reproduction. You are able to get whatever is currently available, and there MAY still be production before it is no longer produced. Items that are slated to be available upon special order and meeting minimum order quantities (MOQs), will no longer be regularly produced as of March 31, 2020, but you are able to get whatever is currently available, and there MAY still be production before it is by special order only.

We encourage you to review the Excel listing that reflect the status of any items that are either going to be discontinued entirely or available with special production only. There are some styles that are going to be completely discontinued. For remaining styles there may be sizes or colors within a style that may be discontinued.

A link to this Excel document can be found at the top of this page and on the homepage of our website. 

Please know that is not unusual for Swarovski to discontinue quite a number of products from their assortment. Every three years or so they review their offering and remove from their regular production items that do not sell well or are not profitable.

We are continuing to work very closely with Swarovski regarding all the changes they are making. We will inform you with all the latest information as soon as it is received. 

HARMAN has been your distributor for Swarovski crystals for over 60 years and we thank each and every one of you for your continued support. We will get through this together.

HARMAN Statement 11/17/2020

We are very much aware that you are concerned and have questions about the future of the production and distribution of Swarovski crystals. While there are still many unanswered questions, we feel it is important for us to update you with what we do know.

Swarovski recently began to transform their business model and has merged its B2B and B2C businesses in order to ensure that they are in line with new economic realities. In doing so, they had to make some very hard decisions. 

Over the course of 2021, Swarovski intends to streamline its global distribution of their components division. They will continue to manufacture crystals but intend to only have a limited number of affiliate distributors resulting in much closer partnerships.

At the end of 2020, Swarovski will be discontinuing a number of styles, sizes, colors and coatings. We do not yet have a listing of exactly what will be discontinued, but we will provide you with this information as soon as we receive it. We understand that a significant part of the flatback assortment will remain unchanged and most of the discontinued items are not the best selling styles, sizes or colors. 

Swarovski has assured us that during the transition period, they will not stop production. They also have assured us that we will continue to be able to purchase and supply Swarovski crystals to you through September 2021.

With this turn of events, we know many of you are surprised, saddened and even upset. Please know however that we will do everything in our power to help you and your business steer successfully through this. We are going to be well stocked throughout the year and are here to help you with whatever transition your business may require. 

Looking ahead, we also do have some excellent, high quality alternatives to Swarovski crystals. We are a proud Authorized Reseller of PRECIOSA Crystals and we will be working diligently to get more PRECIOSA crystals up on our website. In the meantime you can contact our office directly for any assistance when ordering PRECIOSA crystals. Preciosa has advised us that they are increasing production and will be releasing new products. Both they and we are quite optimistic about the future. In addition, we also have our popular line of STAR BRIGHT Crystals and we will be launching a new line of beautiful high quality European crystals sometime in 2021 that we know you are going to LOVE!

There are still many things we don’t know about all the changes within Swarovski, but we are continuing to work very closely with them. We will inform you with all the latest information as soon as it is received.

HARMAN has been your distributor for Swarovski crystals for over 60 years and we thank each and every one of you for your continued support. We will get through this together. 

HARMAN Statement 11/2/2020

In recent days we have seen statements being posted and rumors being circulated on social media regarding the restructuring of Swarovski and how it would effect their production of crystal components. As your supplier of Swarovski crystals, we feel it is important for you to have the facts and keep open communication with our loyal customers.

We have a unique and long-standing relationship with Swarovski that goes back 68 years and are always in continuous close contact with Swarovski’s management team. We base our information only on the facts that they provide to us directly. 

Swarovski is in fact in the process of restructuring their entire company and business model. They will continue to manufacture and distribute loose Swarovski crystal components but how this will be implemented is still being decided.

Please rest assured that we at HARMAN can and will continue to be your reliable source for Swarovski crystal components. Swarovski has assured us that for the time being, there will be a constant flow of product. However, you may still see longer lead times due to COVID and factory staffing reductions. 

As always, we will keep you informed as we receive more information from Swarovski concerning the restructure and how it might affect us and our customers.