Swarovski Innovations Spring Summer 2020
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Swarovski Innovations Spring Summer 2020

Welcome to the Swarovski Innovations Page where we introduce all the new Swarovski Spring/Summer 2020 Innovations. At HarMan, we have you covered to make sure you have all the information on all the new Swarovski products!

Here are the highlights:
  • NEW Crystal Lacquer DeLite Effects:
    Crystal Ocean DeLite, Crystal Laguna DeLite, Crystal Lavender, Crystal Peach DeLite, and Crystal Sunshine DeLite
  • NEW Crystal Pearl Color: Eden Green
  • NEW Shimmer Effect Colors:
    Rose Shimmer, Aqua Shimmer, Siam Shimmer, Peridot Shimmer, Light Amethyst Shimmer, Light Rose Shimmer, Tanzanite Shimmer
  • NEW Family: Spike Flatbacks and Sew-On Stones
  • NEW Princess Cut Pendant
To see ALL the new styles, see the product links below and click on them to see their specific product availability.


The overarching theme for this new collection is “The Power of Emotions”. The global trend of interconnectedness has ironically left us lonelier than ever. It appears that we are in the midst of a global pandemic that psychologists are calling “The Loneliness Epidemic”. As a result, the “Emotion Economy” has emerged which is the desire to create emotional experiences, to become more emotionally and physically connected. This new Swarovski theme, “The Power of Emotions” has been translated into crystal inspirations reflecting 4 worlds of emotion: “The Serenity of Being”, “The Joy of Expression”, “The Surprise of the Unexpected” and “The Excitement of Creativity”. Let your emotions shine in the cuts, colors and inspirational magic of Swarovski’s new crystal collection.

Click here to view/download the complete Swarovski Innovations Brochure for Spring/Summer 2020.


Swarovski Crystal Peach DeLite


Swarovski Crystal Siam Shimmer

Swarovski Crystal Eden Green Pearl


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