Swarovski Innovations Fall Winter 2021-2022
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NEW: Swarovski Innovations FALL/WINTER 2021-22

Welcome to the Swarovski Innovations Page where we introduce all the new Swarovski Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Innovations. At HARMAN, we have you covered to make sure you have all the information on all the new Swarovski products.

Here are the highlights:
  • NEW Crystal Pearl Color: Rouge
  • 4 NEW Baroque Pearls Shapes: Round, Coin, Drop and Elongated
  • NEW Flatback Cabochon: Oval Cabochon 30x22.7
  • NEW Bead: Briolette XXL Hole
  • NEW Fancy Stone: Mystic Fancy Oval
  • NEW Pendant: Emerald Cut Pendant
  • Line Extension for Ignite Effect: Now offered in select styles in Amethyst Ignite, Emerald Ignite, Light Colorado Topaz Ignite and Scarlet Ignite
  • Line Extension for Light Rose Shimmer: Now offered in select Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Beads, Pendants and Sew On Stones. 
  • Line Extension for Shimmer 2X Colors: More Shimmer 2X colors offered in a range of bead styles.
  • Line Extension for Shimmer Colors: More Shimmer colors offered in a range of pendant and flatback styles.To see ALL the new styles, see the product links below and click on them to see their specific product availability.
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