Wanderlust - New Swarovski crystal Innovations Spring/Summer 2019


Wanderlust. It is a German word meaning, “a lust or a desire for wandering”. And for our purposes it is the inspiration for the Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2019. In the new collection, Swarovski highlights new ways of fulfillment and satisfaction through travel experiences that transform us, and bring an element of joy to our lives, rather than material things. This overarching theme can be broken down into 4 distinct trends: 


Stemming from the increasing aspiration to add creativity and color into our lives, cities are becoming urban backgrounds for extreme art and sculptural installations. By releasing them from their traditional galleries, and connecting them directly with the environment and surroundings, art loses its exclusivity, and becomes inclusive. Becoming an active participant rather than a passive one, the new art tourist champions the designer within, surrounding themselves with the joy of artistic endeavors and reconnecting with their surroundings.  

The new Geometric Flatbacks, Emerald Cut Flatback and Tear Drop Fancy Stone are the epitome of this trend. For jewelry and apparel, interlocking bright colors, like Majestic Blue and geometric shapes make this contemporary. 


As the desire to “get away from it all” gains increasing traction, the 70s surfer mantra of “take it easy”, has garnered a new cool cache for the next generation. Gen Z and Millennials are forging an upsurge in experience travel, as the desire to reconnect – with each other and nature – becomes even more prevalent. Demanding sensorial experiences as a calming counterbalance to frenetic fast-paced living, this new- age traveler opts for a sense of total freedom in their plans. 

Bold and playful colors, like the Majestic Blue and 3 new Lacquer Pro Colors: Lilac, Buttercup and Lime and the perfect colors to incorporate into this trend! Beachwear and athleisure with POP with these new colors! 


A generational change has created a desire for experiences in the modern traveler’s mindset. A nomadic journey away from the everyday unfolds as travel concepts- even for solo travelers – become more about the real, the rough and the ready. The focus is on nature, no crowds, and virtual silence with the re-engagement of a survival ethos holding new appeal for these “Wild Wanderers”. The fabulous freedom of a road trip, the emotional quest for solitude and the need for individual experience beckons. 

New Swarovski crystal innovations are perfect for the western wear and leather goods industries. The Majestic Blue color is balanced by the new Flatback rhinestones from this launch and previous innovations. 


The renewed focus on the privilege, indulgence and even expense of yachting is enticing a new league of affluent travelers. Becoming an emblem of barefoot luxury – if it is lavish, full frills tourism that lures with its prestige; for those who can afford it. The ability to pull up anchor and sail to the next secret destination, to customize and individualize the journey, highlights the sheer indulgence and appeal of this exclusive form of travel. Yet with the desire to escape, to relax, high on the priority list, the ultimate luxury remains the same – time! 

Reminiscent of the Greek Islands, the ocean and poolside, this leisure trend is exemplified by the Majestic Blue color. It also features small, dainty crystallization incorporating smaller crystals and the Teardrop Fancy Stone. 

We hope you found this recap of Swarovski’s Spring Summer Innovations helpful for you to design your next masterpiece. Visit our website: to see the full Spring/Summer 2019 Swarovski Innovations. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, email us at [email protected]

 *All trend descriptions, courtesy of Swarovski.

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