New Swarovski crystal colors are HERE! As the seasons change, we can assume that the weather will change, our closets get cleaned, and that its time for a new Swarovski crystal Launch! On August 30th, Swarovski released their Innovations for Fall/Winter 2017-2018. With this new launch Swarovski introduced an unprecedented 8 new colors/effects!!!!! And Swarovski was very unique and innovative in the development of their new colors.

Crystal Rainbow Dark, a new metallic effect features a dark, oily pattern on top of the crystal. The pattern appearance of the coating allows each crystal to be unique and leads to a feeling of authenticity. This new coating will fit well with modern, edgy, and glamour designs while highlighting the new "non-gender" thought process (where products appeal equally to everyone). We think this will be perfect for rock n' roll statement pieces and a great compliment for fall/winter colors. This new effect is complemented well with color Ruby, Tanzanite, Crystal Bermuda Blue, Crystal Silver Shade, and Crystal Metallic Light Gold. Click here to shop all of the styles and sizes now offered in Crystal Rainbow Dark.

Explore some of our best-selling Swarovski styles available in Crystal Rainbow Dark.

Swarovski also added new members of the Crystal Lacquer Pro Color family with 6 new effects including – Crystal Dark Grey, Crystal Dark Red, Crystal Ivory Cream, Crystal Royal Blue, Crystal Royal Green, and Crystal Royal Red. For these colors, the color is applied to the bottom of the stone via the Lacquer Pro coating and it transfused through the crystal stone. Even through the color is applied on the bottom, you will see a deep and rich color come through the top of the crystal. This collection is a beautiful seasonal color where sophisticated shine meets refined sparkle. The fashion forward on-trend hues: Crystal Ivory Cream (nude), Crystal Dark Red (burgundy/deep red), and Crystal Dark Grey (elephant grey) focus on functionality and natural authenticity. The classic but pungent gem stone colors: Crystal Royal Red (ruby), Crystal Royal Blue (sapphire), and Crystal Royal Green (emerald) are perfect for timeless designs in need for and eclectic vibe!

Swarovski Fall Winter Launch Royal Colors, including Crystal Royal Blue, Crystal Royal Green, Crystal Royal Red, Crystal Ivory Cream, Crystal Dark Grey and Crystal Dark Red

The new Swarovski Crystal Lacquer Pro Effects are available in several of our most popular Swarovski styles.

Swarovski Crystal Royal Green Color 4120 Oval Fancy Stone
4120 Swarovski Oval Fancy Stones
(shown in Crystal Royal Green)

Swarovski Crystal Dark Grey Color 1088 Swarovski Xirius Pointed Back Chaton
1088 Swarovski Xirius Pointed Back Chatons
(shown in Crystal Dark Grey)

Swarovski Crystal Royal Blue Color 4320 Swarovski Pear Fancy Stone
4320 Swarovski Pear Fancy Stones
(shown in Crystal Royal Blue)
Swarovski Crystal Royal Red Color 2088 Swarovski Xirius Flatback Rhinestone
2088 Swarovski Xirius Flatback Rhinestones
(shown in Crystal Royal Red)

These new Lacquer Pro coatings, especially the jewel tone hues are ideal for jewelry. Mimicking traditional gem stone colors, these Swarovski crystals offer the luxury appeal of gem stones at a much more reasonable price.
The new Swarovski pearl color, Crystal Iridescent Red Pearl, a matte and shiny color the blends together dark red and grey shades. With its rich hue, this pearl color will fit perfectly into designs that are romantic and glamourous. We are very excited about the new pearl addition and think it will complement the new Crystal Lacquer Pro Effects nicely!

Be sure to check out our best selling Swarovski pearl (style 5810) now available in Crystal Iridescent Red Pearl.
To see and learn more about the newest Swarovski Innovations, just click here! We love the selection of new colors and are sure you will too.

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Visit our blog regularly. Soon we will talk more in-depth about the newest flatback rhinestones Swarovski has to offer......

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