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The Swarovski Effect: A Crystal That Increases Revenues and Brand Equity

Posted by Har-Man Importing on 3/31/2016 to Fashion & Trends

There are many ways to elevate a brand but there’s one way in particular that’s proven to work. Co-Branding with Swarovski has proven to increase overall brand perception and has helped to improve profits, revenue, and market share.

Research has shown the positive impact that Co-Branding with Swarovski brings to a brand and contributes to an overall business. According to research from the European Brand Institute, consumers believe that “products [made with Swarovski crystals] are made with the finest-cut crystal, and are part of the world of luxury and fashion”. Swarovski’s favorable brand perception drives increases in revenues as Swarovski finds that “customers are willing to pay 44% more for products with the Swarovski seal”. Customers want high quality merchandise and are willing to pay more to get it.

Swarovski offers their seal, ‘CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI’, to businesses that are a part of their ‘Ingredient Branding Program’. To learn more about the program, visit our Swarovski Branding Program page.

The power of Swarovski crystals reaches beyond the scope of the specific products that they’re applied to and positively influences other parts of a business. According to Swarovski, including their name on a website increases overall visits as the search term ‘Swarovski’ is one of the most searched jewelry brands / keywords across the internet.

The authority of Swarovski’s brand can extend into many types of businesses. During the 2015 Holiday Season, Starbucks incorporated Swarovski into a holiday gift-card promotion, charging $200 for a card made with Swarovski crystals, providing $50 of value, which identifies that customers valued the Swarovski crystals at $150. Starbucks sold out of these cards quickly. In the process, the company garnered increases in revenues and market share while associating their brand with the world-class quality of Swarovski crystals.

Starbucks is one of many brands that has Co-Branded with Swarovski and accumulated great success as a result. Samsung, for istance, incorporated Swarovski crystals into its line of smartphones. Swarovski also glistened the stage at this year’s Academy Awards. Imagine being a part of a global community of companies that use the Swarovski brand, and in the process, grow your own brands and businesses. This could be the recipe to YOUR success!!

We are proud wholesale distributors of Swarovski crystals. Shop our complete assortment of Swarovski crystals or call us at 1-800-232-3769 and find out how to better associate your brand with the Swarovski brand. Har-Man helps to facilitate co-branding relationships between businesses and Swarovski. Review the pre-qualifications to become an Ingredient Branding Partner with Swarovski:, and contact us today!

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