On February 2nd, Swarovski debuted their Spring/Summer 2017 Innovations. In addition to the new colors and handful of new shapes to support the nature-themed collection, some of Swarovski’s new shapes in pendants, round stones, fancy stones and flatback stones were all designed in collaboration with Celine Cousteau for this season’s Designer Series.

Celine Cousteau is a celebrated filmmaker, marine conservationist, humanitarian, who is also the grand-daughter of legendary oceanic explorer, Jacques Yves Cousteau. The love for the sea runs through her veins and she was inspired for this collection by the depths of the ocean. She highlights the beauty of nature and emphasizes the mysterious world beneath the oceans’ surface on which all ocean life depends.

The designer collection features 5 new crystal innovations, the Jelly Fish Flatback, the Sea Urchin Round Stone, the Sea Snail Pendant, the Radiolarian Pendant, and the Jelly Fish Fancy Stone.

The Sea Urchin Round Stone 1695 comes partly frosted (shown here in Crystal AB) in both 10mm and 14mm in a variety of colors. The round shape with linear faceting, alogn with the interplay of the matt and shiny surfaces offer what appears to be a somewhat irregular star shape. Be sure to finish your designs using the Sea Urchin Round Stone Setting 1695/S.

The Jelly Fish Flat Back Rhinestones 2612 are offered in Hot Fix and No Hot Fix versions. (Shown here in Crystal Golden Shadow). The partly frosted design has a multi-faceted cut creating an unusual yet elegant shimmering graphic, looking similar to a rounded eight-pointed star. The Jelly Fish Flat Backs are available in 6mm, 10mm, and 14mm sizes and in a wide selection of colors. Don’t be deceived by the name of this rhinestone, there are a lot of design style possibilities!

The Jellyfish Fancy Stone 4195 partly frosted is double-faced, with a complex multilayer cut and a matt finish on both sides, gives this fancy stone a truly innovative look. (Shown here in Tanzanite but offered in 10 other gorgeous colors). We think this stone makes for a gorgeous statement centerpiece – be sure to pick up the Jellyfish Fancy Stone Setting 4195/S for easy design!

The Radiolarian Pendant 6730 is a partly frosted statement piece that truly captures the essence of life-like creatures from under the sea! The crystal representation of the microscopic organism comes in an irregular shape offered in 14mm and 28mm. The larger version of the stone has holes (punctuated) within the stone, whereas the smaller version does not. Shown here in Crystal Silver Shade.

The Sea Snail Pendant 6731 comes partly frosted in a twisted classic snail shape. Perfect for summer and beachy jewelry-making, this pendant is offered in a variety of colors in sizes 14mm and 28mm (shown here in Crystal Bermuda Blue). We can’t stop thinking about the resemblance to necklace that Ursula wears in The Little Mermaid (click here to see the Disney sea witch who is perfectly rocking a Sea Snail Pendant).

Courtesy of Swarovski

The Celine Cousteau’s collection truly represents the under-water world in FACET-inating way (see what we did there!). She reminds us to appreciate the world in which we live and protect it for ourselves, and the future generations to come!

To purchase any of the Designer Edition crystals or to view more of the Swarovski Innovations, please visit our website www.harmanbeads.com.

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