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1100 Swarovski Xero Pointed Back Chatons

The Swarovski crystal 1100 Xero Chaton is the smallest cut chaton that Swarovski manufacturers. It is the world’s smallest precision cut 8 facet pointed back stone. It is the smaller version of the 1028 and 1088, but with only 8 facets. It is only available in the smallest Chaton sizes that Swarovski manufactures: PP0 (0.70mm-0.80mm) and PP1 (0.80mm-0.90mm). The Swarovski Chaton is available in larger sizes in the 1028 Xirius Chaton (PP2-PP13) and the 1088 Xilion Chaton (PP14 and larger). The smaller sizes of the 1100 Xero are perfect for watches, eyewear and jewelry that require precise pave work. This stone is made of "advanced crystal" and is lead free.

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