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Sticky Crystal

Har-Man Importing Presents Sticky Crystal by Preciosa Crystal Components

Har-Man Importing is excited to be a Preciosa Authorized Distributor of


. This innovative collection of self-adhesive rhinestone stickers is available in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and stone sizes. The material allows for easy “stick and go“ application on just about any material other than fabric. Choose from one of many standard designs or customize your own design. STICKY CRYSTAL by PRECIOSA Crystal Components is completely customizable, making your ideas and projects limitless.

The design possibilities are endless!!!

This unique product allows the user to crystallize products, without having to adhere one stone at a time (no glue!). STICKY CRYSTAL by PRECIOSA Crystal Components allows you to apply crystals in a predesigned pattern quickly and with perfect execution and application every time!


STICKY CRYSTAL by PRECIOSA Crystal Components makes it easier for designers, manufacturers and DIYers to bling out almost anything (excluding fabrics and skin). Many industries can benefit from this product, including: jewelry, high-tech, office supplies, scrapbooking, invitations, food & beverage products, kitchen appliances, furniture, sporting goods, packaging, beauty and lifestyle products, and much, much more. Your imagination is truly the limit!
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