When you choose STAR BRIGHT™ crystals, you choose quality.

STAR BRIGHT crystals compete with the finest crystal brands in the world, especially when it comes to quality. It not only offers a robust assortment of products, but also meets the highest quality standards. We have outlined for you all the features and benefits you get when you choose STAR BRIGHT crystals.

Prepare to be starstruck.

Astonishing Sparkle & Brilliance
STAR BRIGHT crystals are significantly more brilliant than the market standard. Crystals are meant to shine, sparkle, and catch the eye, that’s why STAR BRIGHT crystals, are incredibly brilliant, creating added value to your products.

Superior Product Quality
No scratches, bubbles, or chips - STAR BRIGHT crystals offer an almost zero reject rate across all product groups. They are also compliant with all applicable regulatory standards and are lead free (containing .009% lead or less) and are made in Austria.

Comprehensive Consistency
STAR BRIGHT crystal colors are consistent across all product categories and sizes. Making mixing and matching across product groups easy. They also feature complete geometric consistency across all colors, sizes and shapes, offering extremely tight dimensional tolerances and accurately positioned holes.

Durability and Reliability
The full range of STAR BRIGHT crystals are designed to be resistant to the toughest conditions, and have been rigorously tested against damage from heat and humidity, perfumes, salt, chlorine and offer unparalleled durability. This includes all coatings like the Aurora Borealis (AB) effect which is twice as durable as the market standard. And when applied correctly, Hot Fix Rhinestones will not fall off fabric, even after washing.

If you are interested in receiving samples, please contact our sales team at 631-756-9800 or [email protected].