The Crystal Katana Gets a New Look
The best rhinestone setter tool, the Crystal Katana, by the Crystal Ninja, Kellie DeFries just got a new look! Kellie has redesigned the shaft of the Crystal Katana. The shaft is now made of a high quality black plastic instead of bamboo.

Why the change? Well, we went right to the source to find out. We spoke to Kellie, and here is why she made the change:

"The Crystal Katana has been around many years. We have been so well received not only in the art/design/embellishments world, but totally improving application for the nail industry, along with supporting communities in scrapbooking, crafting, and even model train building. We always knew the Crystal Ninja formula of synthetic wax could pick up candys, dragees, and cake pearls, but needed to change to the bamboo to a black plastic sleeve, so it could be more easily sanitized for the baking community. Having the sleek black look has been complimented as more professional look to any artisans arsenal. We at Crystal Ninja, embrace change and look for ways to grow and improve."

Since 2013, the Katana has been revolutionizing how people apply rhinestones. Now with this new shaft the tool that has been primarily used to apply rhinestones is making the food industry take notice. Kellie has been working with chefs in the food industry on using the Katana for application of decorative elements on cakes and other food items.

Besides the fact that it looks super cool (and ninja-like) with the new black shaft, the tool works the exact same way it always has. Nothing else has changed. NOTHING!

What makes it so amazing?

  1. It is sooooooo easy to use! Touch the stone with the wax tip, place the element in the desired location, use tip to accurately place the element.
  2. Can you imagine using a tweezer to pick up an SS5 rhinestone? We didn’t think so. But it is good for all small sizes of rhinestones and other products as well that are otherwise hard to handle and place easily and properly.
  3. The Katana is about 6 1/2” long from tip to tip and measures 12mm in diameter. So it is long, but not too long and has enough girth to feel substantial. Together, this makes is very easy to hold….Just hold it like a pencil.
  4. It is double sided.
    •    One side has an approximate 1” synthetic wax tip that is molded by hand.
    •    The other side has an approx. 7mm metal tip that allows you to easily move the your product into place.
  5. The wax residue won’t get onto whatever you are picking up.
  6. The wax tip is replaceable. When the wax tip becomes worn down, you don’t need to buy a whole new Katana. Just purchase the Replacement Tips. It is simple twist and insert replacement.
  7. The tool is assembled in the USA.
  8. The tool and the replacement tips come with detailed instructions (although both are pretty straightforward).

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