EXCITING NEWS! Our New Logo and Brand Image
EXCITING NEWS! Our New Logo and Brand Image We have exciting new! We have been steadily rolling out a new logo, abbreviated name and new brand imaging. 

As we celebrated our 70th anniversary in 2018, we began to seriously reflect on who we are as a company, where we are going and how our branding reflects these two things. As you can imagine, we have changed a lot since our inception in 1948. 

So, what’s changed? 

  1. We made our name more modern and a little sleeker: Just “HARMAN”. We removed the hyphen from Har-Man (hey, if Walmart did it, so can we) and removed the Importing. HARMAN Logo
  2. We changed the visual imaging of our brand with a new logo. We added the phrase “CREATIVE COMPONENTS” to our logo to accurately reflect what we sell. We have been, and will continue to sell components for creative industries – including fashion, jewelry, beadwork, craft, nail art, dance and many of the other segments we cater to. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are all creative.

  3. And a new Social Media Icon:
    Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @harmanbeads.com. We are always highlighting new product, offering special promotions and sales, and running contests where you can win everything from free products to gifts! 

  4. We added a slogan “Expanding the Possibilities of Sparkle!” This really encompasses why we get up in the morning and do what we do. This is our “why”. This is what gets us excited. To expand the use of products that help the world sparkle. Whether it is introducing a new product or helping a customer use a product that they have not used before.  HARMAN Logo Tagline
This is an exciting time for our company – our steady growth has brought new customers in many more industries which we have traditionally catered towards. We believe the new name, new logos and new tag line better match who we are now, in 2019 and where we are going in the future. 

We are incredibly proud of our growth and development and we are thankful to our employees, our close relationships with our vendors and of course, you our customers, without whom, none of this would be possible. We look toward the future with a clear objective and we hope you will join us in Expanding the Possibilities of Sparkle!

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