DIY Rhinestone Masks

If there was a symbol or a single image to best represent 2020, it would be the FACE MASK. As our world navigates the global pandemic and spread of COVID-19; we prioritize safety now more than ever! Businesses are back open, daily routine is settling in, and we adjust to our new normal – but there’s one important rule: YOU MUST WEAR A MASK! Restaurants, retail stores, even the school classrooms are requiring mandatory face masks for entry. Back in April 2020, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that ALL citizens wear non-medical face masks to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Fashion retailers and designers quickly shifted their fall inventory and rapidly started manufacturing face masks that are both safe and stylish!!  As we move forward, it looks like masks are here to stay. You will be wearing it everyday and it should be treated like a part of your wardrobe. It should reflect who you are and how you feel and match the rest of your outfit. If your face mask is feeling a little unexciting, let HARMAN help you jazz it up with some sparkle! There are so many ways to incorporate sparkle into your mask and to make it one of a kind. And it is so simple to do as well!!

There are so many places selling fabric masks. Some plain. Some patterned. You can choose a plain mask and treat it like a blank canvas. Or use a patterned mask and use the pattern as a guide for how you will add rhinestones. 

HARMAN has everything you need to add some bling to your masks. We have put together a curated collection of our best products to help “Bling Your Mask”. Find endless Swarovski crystal Rhinestones, STAR BRIGHT Austrian Crystal Rhinestones, premixed collections of Swarovski rhinestones and all the tools you need including glue and setting tools. Shop our curated custom assortment for all the essentials you will need for crystallizing your mask here. Choose from these or shop any of our other rhinestones and application tools.

Here’s all you need – a fabric mask, glue (we prefer GemTac), a wax stick or other rhinestone setting tool and some rhinestones. Dot the glue onto the mask, pick up the rhinestone with your rhinestone pickup/setter tool and place on your glue dot. We recommend testing this out a few times on something other than your mask until you get the hang of it. But once you do, it is super easy and FUN!

Here are some examples of how we took some fabric masks and crystallized them to make them unique!! 

This is one of our favorite masks to wear. Made by SewLuckyEmbroidery, this mask is the perfect fit with simple yet fun patterns. We went for a very tonal look here so we added just a touch of sparkle since the pattern was so busy. We chose Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones 2088 SS20 Royal Blue DeLite and SS12 Azure Blue which matched the colors of the mask perfectly. We then proceeded to glue the stones to the mask based on the color pattern – the Royal Blue DeLite on the darker blue parts and the Azure Blue on the lighter parts. 

Our next mask, made by StampedbyEm combined a tonal bling with a little pop of color. We used Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones 2088 SS12 Rose Peach and SS9 Provence Lavender. We added the Rose Peach rhinestones to the swirls and then the Provence Lavender to the empty space between the swirls. This gave it a nice balance of color! 

With the plain mask, we got a little creative and used the Swarovski Crystal Rocks to really make this mask stand out. This simple pleated mask by New England Doll Works is available in a variety of colors – we went with a simple black. We then used the linear nature of the mask to incorporate Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones 2088 SS20 Royal Blue DeLite (have you noticed that we really like this color?) and the Swarovski Crystal Rock Stars in Bermuda Blue (these are a special order item*). We guarantee you, no one else has a mask quite like this one!

Most importantly, be creative, stay safe and protect others! 

*For special orders or custom crystal rock and transfer requests, please contact us directly. HARMAN can help!

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