Seed Beads, Bugle Beads and other glass beads by Preciosa Ornela are the perfect material to create nature inspired designs. Preciosa Ornela, the premier manufacturer for Czech Seed Beads and other glass beads recently released their Spring/Summer 2017 Trend Forecast. Their trends remind us that everything that surrounds us can be a source of inspiration.

Whether you are inspired by the crystalline structures of our environment, the planets within our solar system, the genetic formation of our DNA, or the cell makeup of living organisms; Preciosa Ornela's assortment of Czech Seed Beads has the perfect color and style for you. We offer Seed Beads, Bugle Beads, Charlotte Beads, Two and Three Cut Beads that comes in a large variety of colors and sizes that are sure to compliment your work perfectly! Use these trends below to be a color and design inspiration for your designs.

The Fragile Mystery Trend focuses on rock structures and crystal formations that can be found in the most magical of places. Sometimes smooth and transparent while other times rough and pebbly, these delicate natural creations are beautiful to admire. In addition to crystal, the color focus here is on shades of pinks and purples such as amethyst, topazes, and pink rose quartz.

The Organized Chaos Trend inspires us take a nod from our celestial world. Our Solar System is made up of the 9 planets that orbit our Sun. The solar system is an infinite space in our universe that showcases some of the most gorgeous of hues and shapes. We can take color inspiration from the earthy tones of the planets, such as greens, yellows, browns and deep oranges. The Solar System also consists of moons, comets, asteroids, and other minor planets so distant to us that they appear in grey and icy white shades.

Life's Primary Building Blocks is a trend that focuses on the fact that cells are what make up our world as we know it! Cells can only be created from other cells, which is the foundation of all living things, including plants and animals. This relates to designing directly as we emphasize the importance of color combinations. All hues and tones arise from a combination of the 3 primary colors: yellow, red, and blue. Separately they are bold and when combined together they create additional beautiful hues such as purple and green!

The Endless Possibilities Trend speaks to the structural makeup of oneself. DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. DNA is a detailed set of plans, like a blueprint for building our necessary functions. Like DNA, our everyday lives depend on a variety of interchanging variables and opportunities. We can be inspirited to create, based on the fact that there are infinite possibilities and combinations of colors, shapes, and sizes. The mixture of colors is important for unique designs, so don't be scared to mix your blues, browns, and reds!!!!

In a natural world full of beauty it's easy to get motivated. As a wholesale supplier of beads, crafts, and other design making tools, we want to provide you with the latest design trends while providing you with a one-stop-shop to buy your supplies!

The video below showcases some fashionable examples of Preciosa Ornela's Spring/Summer 2017 Trends. For more information on Preciosa Ornela Czech Seed Beads or to purchase them, please visit our website:

(All pictures courtesy of Preciosa Ornela)

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