Preciosa Ornela takes a page from the history books for their 2016-2017 Autumn/Winter season. The trend forecast references the structures of the centuries past and the history of Czech architecture for its 4 new trend collections. Each collection highlights Czech seed beads in different color combinations, focusing on color, finish and shape.

As one of the largest direct wholesalers and importers, we offer a vast selection of Czech Seed Beads to our customers. And as the seasons and weather change, so do the color trends! Our large assortment of Seed Beads, including Bugle Beads, Charlotte Beads, Two and Three Cut Beads come in a large range of colors that are sure to inspire designs showcasing the new historic themes:

1 – Playful Art Nouveau

Focuses heavily on warm colors, with cool tones only used to highlight or accent. The nature reminds us much of fall as the gloom of the short cold winter days upon us are dispelled by the warmth of the remaining summer flowers and rich rising sun. The lack of saturation added to warm colors creates a nostalgic yet romantic feel.

2 – Subtle Arch

Emphasizes the arched shape and style that can make for an intriguing design. Like historic buildings past and present, arch ways signify depth and build up. The colors featured in this trend represent the omnipresent colors of nature. Shades grass in various shades stand out against the lightness of pebbles and bright moss carpets.

3- Fragile Baluster

The trend highlighting the importance of texture; each bead has a different finish. Baluster is an important architectural element used in elaborate balcony and stairwell designs. The hardness, brittleness and granularity influence its ability to be shaped. Colors of inspiration here are marbled in nature with lighter accents of pinks, greys, yellows, and silvery.

4 – Grandeur of the Gothic

This trend stimulates us to take inspiration from lofty Gothic pinnacles. The combination of beauty and utility exude from metal trimmings and complex finishing touches. There is a dark yet opulent color palette trending here emphasizing on golds, dark reds, and metal hues.

The video below showcases some fashionable examples of Preciosa Ornela's Fall/Winter Trends:

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(All pictures courtesy of Preciosa Ornela)

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