Sports have driven fashion trends for years. It's always exciting to see the greatest of sports matched with creative designs that allow fans and athletes to show their passion for sports through different forms of art. In this sports-geared edition of our blog, we showcase brilliant, crystallized designs, both the practical and beautiful, to the impractical, but "who cares, it’s beautiful!"

High quality crystals, be it Swarovski or Preciosa can be applied to costumes and uniforms for ice skating, competitive dance, gymnastics, equestrian, tennis, soccer, football, and virtually any other sport as well. The inspirations in the slideshow below include primarily Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones, including the very popular 2088 flatback rhinestones or the 2078 hot-fix flatback rhinestones. The 2088 flatback rhinestones allow for glue to be added to the back of the stone and the 2078 hot fix rhinestones already have a glue, that gets heat activated on the back of the stone. The hot fix stones are used primarily on fabrics.

Recently, Swarovski crystals were applied by Orravan Design to the very popular Air Jordans as a gift to the legend himself, Michael Jordan. The greatest player of all time got to see the greatest crystal of all time on a fabulous pair of his sneakers. "Jump High & Shine Bright" is what we say! Click here to see the photos from
Kellie DeFries, the Crystal Ninja, crystallized this basketball using her patented Crystal Katana rhinestone setting tool. Ok, so it might not be very functional, but it is pretty darn cool!

We hope this inspires you to crystallize sportswear or other sports products with high quality rhinestones (because who cares if the stones look dull and no shiny). It might even give you a winning edge on and off the field. Click here to view our full collection of Swarovski crystals and start sparkling.

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