Crystallizing DanceSport and Performance Wear
DanceSport, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Ice Skating….are just some of the performance industries that use a lot of rhinestones and other crystals on their designs. The popularity of these industries has gone sky high over the past few years and along with it came more attention to the crystals that are applied to the costumes.

Swarovski is the global leader in crystals for the DanceSport industry by offering show stopping crystals that embrace the light and are made for motion. Recently, Swarovski released a book entitled, “All Eyes On You: Celebrating Athletes In The Spotlight”. This book highlights Swarovski’s historical and present day connection to DanceSport, Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Ice Skating and the intrinsic value that their products bring. It also features some of the biggest names in these industries and how they use Swarovski crystals. Such companies include GK Elite, Del Arbour, and Chrisanne Clover, to name a few.

Please click the image below to download a pdf of this book

At HarMan, we cater to these industries and that is why we have more Swarovski crystal Rhinestones and Sew-On Stones than any other wholesaler. That is also why we developed our own line of crystals, STAR BRIGHT Austrian Crystals featuring Rhinestones and Sew-on Stones. STAR BRIGHT Austrian Crystals is our more economical line of crystals, but has all the sparkle and high quality faceting to meet the needs of designers within these industries.

We have curated a selection of Swarovski crystals and STAR BRIGHT Austrian Crystals to meet the needs of designers designing especially for Dancesport. You can not only find all the most popular items here, but we also highlight the most important trends such as the Swarovski Shimmer Coatings, Swarovski Jewel Cut Flatbacks, and Swarovski Rimmed Flatbacks. All of which were literally designed for these athletic industries.

Visit to see all the Swarovski crystals and STAR BRIGHT Austrian Crystals we can offer to help your athletic designs shine bright!

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