Blog - HARMAN, 2015/12
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Czech Seed Beads: An Integral Part of Greenland Heritage

Posted by Har-Man Importing on 12/11/2015 to Fashion & Trends
There are seed beads in Greenland - Lot's of them and they are very important to their culture. But how did seed beads get there and how did they become an important part of Greenland's traditional garments? Here is a little, albeit simplified, history lesson:

Seed beads first arrived in Greenland from the Europeans who landed there just after the 17th century. Dutch whaling crews and then later, Danish and German merchants brought colorful beads and offered them in exchange for help while whaling, harvesting blubber, and other such work.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and Swarovski - A Partnership That ROCKS!

Posted by Har-Man Importing on 12/9/2015 to Fashion & Trends
What has sparkling fire and ice and angels and butterflies? The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, of course! And thanks to another year of collaboration between Swarovski and Victoria’s Secret, this year’s Victoria’s Secret Angels are sparkling brighter than ever!

Swarovski Crystals and Hosiery: Look Down, Not Up

Posted by Har-Man Importing on 12/1/2015 to DIY
We are used to seeing sparkle all around us, preferably Swarovski sparkle, of course.  But we never think to look down.  Well, start looking down!  Wolford, the high end Austrian hosiery brand is using Swarovski crystals on their hosiery to glam out your legs!
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