One of the hottest trends for 2015 is wearable technology. Fitness trackers such as the Nike Fuel Band, FitBit, and others can be found on the wrists of countless fitness enthusiasts. While the trackers do an excellent job recording your sleep, number of steps you take, calories burned and other metrics, most are lacking in one area – they are not very fashionable. 

Sensing an unmet need, Swarovski partnered with California tech company Misfit to create an entire line of streamlined and elegant fitness-tracking jewelry. Their first offering -- Swarovski Shine – is a traditional fitness-tracking device, but with a few twists. According to Swarovski, each design's centerpiece is a faceted crystal stone embedded with fine-tuned tracking technology created by Misfit. The resulting look is chic, contemporary and versatile. Users can create a custom look by swapping out the crystal – containing the microcomputer – with an array of different wristbands and bracelets. It can also be worn as a pendant in a striking necklace. 

Examples of this amazing new fashionable and wearable technology by Swarovski and Misfit are below: 

Swarovski Shine Pic1
Swarovski Shine 2
Swarovski Shine Pic3

Swarovski Shine measures the most popular fitness metrics such as number of steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep quality. Synchronizing wirelessly to the user’s smartphone with an easy-to-use interface, the Swarovski Shine lights up to tell the time, and also to report the status of the activity accomplished. And best of all it is low maintenance with a battery lifetime of up to 6 months (no daily charging required) and is also water resistant. 

Swarovski Shine Pic4

Be on the look-out later this year for a version of the Swarovski Shine that won’t need to be charged. Using a patented “energy crystal” deep violet-colored crystal stone with energy harvesting technology, the device will be perfect for the gal on the go!

Swarovski Shine Pic5

We are excited to get our hands on the Swarovski Shine, but we want to know what you think. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! And tell how you think you can incorporate other Swarovski crystals to make wearable technology more fashionable. 

Be one of the first to get this new hot innovation on the Misfit website or the Swarovski website.


Meredith Roddy

Date 4/29/2015

Lorraine Sules

Date 11/29/2015

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