“Constantly improve what is good.”  That is a quote by Swarovski’s founder, Daniel Swarovski. This mantra is still resonates strongly today and is the reason why Swarovski is constantly pushing the envelope to ensure their crystal stays better than any other crystal made today. The development of the new XERO Chaton is a perfect example of this. Launched in February 2015 with this Spring/Summer 2016 Product Launch, Swarovski unveiled a new chaton called the XERO Chaton (pronounced Zero) which is the world’s smallest precision cut crystal. 

The new XERO Chaton, is style #1100 and is an 8 facet pointed back stone. It is made in 2 sizes: PP0 (0.7mm-0.8mm) and PP1 (0.8mm-0.9mm). Each individual crystal weighs less than 0.3mg, and are available in a range of colors.

Swarovski Xero Chaton

This tiny size of this new crystal pointed back stone opens up a great opportunity to use chatons in new creative ways -- particularly in the eyewear, watch and jewelry industries. The XERO chaton is perfect for mirco pave work -- from all over crystallization -- to filling in the tiniest of areas. Ideal for more delicate designs and it offers unbelievable crystal shimmer.

XERO Chatons are made using ADVANCED CRYSTAL technology and is lead free.

The previous #1100 8 facet chatons were made in PP2, PP3, PP4 and PP5.  With the innovation of the new XERO Chaton, these 4 sizes of chatons have been up upgraded to a Xilion Cut and changed to style #1028, a 14 facet chaton. 

View the Swarovski made video on this amazing new product on YouTube: Swarovski XERO Chaton Video.   

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