With its Fall/Winter 2015/16 release, Swarovski delivers three beautiful colors – Smoky Mauve, Crystal Paradise Shine and a Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearl. There are plenty of new styles to ignite your creativity as well. New offerings include the Vision Designer Edition, Starlet and Curvy Flatbacks, Cross and Arrow Beads, and Queen and Sun Pendants. Pre-orders are now being accepted, with delivery in as little as two weeks for most items. 

Smoky Mauve – Sophisticated Romantic 
A perfect blend of sophisticated gray and tender lilac shades, Smoky Mauve is ideal for both romantic daywear designs, as well as glamorous evening looks. Available in round stones, fancy stones, beads, pendants, flat backs, no hotfix, flat backs hotfix and sew-on stones. 

Crystal Paradise Shine – Playful Individualist 
Bursting with color, Crystal Paradise Shine combines shades of purple, blue and green with a modern metallic shine for a truly unique effect. Versatile, Crystal Paradise Shine can be paired with virtual any color to create a wide range of looks – glamorous, futuristic, or just plain fun. Available in round stones, fancy stones, beads, pendants, flat backs, no hotfix, flat backs hotfix and sew-on stones. 

Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearl – Mysterious Stranger 
An intriguing blend of purple and green shades, Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearl is both bold and mysterious. Ideal for designs calling for either an elegant or expressive touch, Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearl pairs well with gray, purple and green tones. Available on crystal pearls 5810, 5811, 5817, 5818, 5821, 5840, 5860 and 5890. 

New styles

Vision Designer Edition 
#1681 Vision Round Stone, #4481 Vision Square Fancy Stone, and #4681 Vision Hexagon Fancy Stone 
Swarovski and Atelier Munsteiner, a renowned German design house, joined forces to create a playfully progressive line of round and fancy stones. The result – the Vision Designer Edition – combines the simplicity of regular geometric shapes with the playfulness of mirrored reflections. Ingenious, these creative design elements bring to mind frozen water, with mysteriously encapsulated air bubbles forming a perfectly geometrical, flower-like shape within the crystal. 

#2494 Starlet Flatback and #2540 Curvy Flatback 
Just as its name implies, the Starlet Flatback is just waiting for a chance to shine. A fun and youthful addition to the Swarovski collection, the Starlet Flatback is a smooth square with concaved sides and rounded angles. Perfect for modern, classic, and romantic looks. Pairing the brilliance of a fancy stone with the functionality of a flatback, the Curvy Flatback is a round, concave rectangle. Designed to grab attention, this flashy flatback is a must-have for stage or theatrical costume designs. 

#5374 Cross Bead and #5748 Arrow Bead 
A well-known symbol re-imagined in crystal. The Cross Bead neatly captures Gothic fashion, 1990s grunge style and dark romance. Versatile, it can be used in earrings, bracelets, charms or necklaces – by itself, or combined with other stones for a dramatic look. The Arrow Bead lends itself to both gothic punk, as well as cupid-inspired designs. Viewed as a triangle, it echoes the chevron used in tribal designs. The creative uses are endless – from edgy, futuristic designs to beautiful, tribal patterns. 

#6465 Queen Baguette Pendant and #6724 Sun Pendant 
With its clean lines and familiar shape, the Queen Baguette Pendant adds a sense of classic sophistication to both masculine and feminine designs. Available in three sizes, it is the ideal element in earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other fashion accessories. Happiness and positivity – the sun has been used to symbolize both since the beginning of time. With its clever sunray faceting, the Sun Pendant is radiates power while evoking the mystery of light. Use by itself as a bold centerpiece, or combine with other Sun Pendants for a breath-taking design. 

BeCharmed line extension 
Swarovski expands its BeCharmed line with the addition of three Pave Medleys, and the BeCharmed Pave Thread Ring. Capitalizing on the trend towards incorporating 3D effects in design, the Pave Medleys offer a fun mix of shapes, sizes and colors. Use as a stand-alone, or pair with other BeCharmed Beads – the possibilities are limitless. The Pave Thread Ring is a welcome addition to the BeCharmed line. Offering one or two holes for multiple uses, the Pave Thread Ring can be used as connectors between different jewelry elements, or tied together to create stunning designs.

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