With their latest launch, Swarovski proves once again they are the gold standard for crystal design and production. Like most designers, Swarovski works on trends seasons in advance – giving designers the chance to incorporate their products into designs for upcoming seasons. The Fall/Winter 2015/16 Innovations line was released in September and included stunning new styles and colors.

While we might be a *bit* biased, we think Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2015/16 release one of their best. The most exciting part of any launch (for us anyways!), is the addition of new colors to Swarovski’s extensive color palette. Fall/Winter 2015/16 doesn’t disappoint with the addition of Crystal Paradise Shine and Smoky Mauve.  Pictured below, Crystal Paradise Shine is a coating on a crystal stone that gives the effect of a peacock-type coloring. Smoky Mauve is a very pale lavender color.

New Swarovski Colors

In addition to Crystal Paradise Shine and Smoky Mauve, Swarovski also introduced Iridescent Purple – a new crystal pearl color. Pictured above, this pearl is purple with a greenish, iridescent hue.  Following the recent release of Iridescent Green pearl, this color is a fantastic addition. 

Swarovski product flat

Innovations in action

Here is a photograph of one of Swarovski’s product flags from the new collection. 

Pictured in the top frame are several examples of Crystal Paradise Shine – notice the strong green and purple hues.  As with all Swarovski crystal colors, the color’s appearance can vary depending on style (bead, pendant or stone), and whether it is foiled or not. 

The middle frame shows three crystal pearl colors and how those colors combined compliment Crystal Paradise Shine.

Shown in beads, pendants, flatback rhinestones, fancy stones and chaton banding, Smoky Mauve occupies the bottom frame. 

One of the benefits of Swarovski’s product flags is the ability to quickly see how colors can work together. While they are beautiful on their own, viewing them side-by-side shows how perfect Crystal Paradise Shine, Smoky Mauve and Iridescent Purple Pearl are for each other.


Which is your favorite? And more importantly, who wants to make us a pretty purple peacock? 

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