Neither snow nor freezing rain (not to mention really bad traffic!), could keep members of the Har-Man Team from attending Swarovski’s most recent launch party. Held in the Garment District of New York City, the event’s purpose was two-fold: Celebrate Swarovski’s 120th anniversary, and formally introduce the new styles and colors from the Spring/Summer 2016 Launch.


Swarovski 120 Anniversary Timeline

Plenty of movers and shakers from the design and fashion industry were in attendance – the most notable being Markus Langes Swarovski – member and spokesperson of the Board and Head of the Swarovski Professional Business. 

Similar to past launch parties, there was plenty of bling on display. In a unique twist for this year’s event, guests were treated to a Swarovski timeline upon entering the venue. An interactive exhibit showcasing major milestones in the company’s 120-year history made for a fun and informative way to enter the party! Our favorites? The portrait of founder Daniel Swarovski made of hotfix rhinestones, Madonna’s crystallized bra from the “Girlie Show World Tour”, and the custom runway look designed by Serkan Cura for the 2014 Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show (read our blog on this).  

 Swarovski Timeline Exhibit

Daniel Swarovski hotfix rhinestone portrait

Portrait of Daniel Swarovski using hotfix rhinestones and Aurora Borealis exhibits.

Victoria Secret Fashion Show Swarovski Exhibit

Madonna's crystallized bra from the "Girlie Show World Tour" and Serkan Cura's custom runway look for the 2014 Victoria Secret's Fashion Show.

Once inside party-goers were able to peruse the four exhibits based on the trends from Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2016 Launch – Classic, Progressive, Romantic and Glamour.

A majority of the pieces for the exhibits were created by a handful of students from the Art Institute of Chicago, who were also in attendance. Extremely talented (and creative!), the students used a variety of Swarovski crystals to develop their stunning pieces.

 Swarovski exhibit art institute of chicago

 Pieces designed by students from Art Institute of Chicago

The formal part of the program began with introductory remarks from Markus Langes Swarovski. He reaffirmed Swarovski’s continuing commitment to excellence and their dedication to remaining at the forefront of the crystal industry. He also recognized the students from the Art Institute and thanked them for sharing their talents.


The remainder of the presentation was the methodology behind the trend-drivers for the Spring/Summer 2016 Launch. As with the last launch (Fall/Winter 2015/16), the overall themes continue to be organic and natural, but with a modern twist.


Overall the event left us excited to see what creative ways Swarovski’s new colors and styles will be used by designers!


On a separate note… we want to mention that we really loved the mini-cheeseburger hors devours. The size of a quarter (literally!), we want to know how they made them so small?! Must be that special Swarovski precision!



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