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DIY Rhinestone Masks

Posted by Toni on 10/12/2020 to DIY
DIY Rhinestone Masks
Adding Rhinestones To Your Masks: 
Personalizing the new MUST HAVE accessory

Swarovski Crystals and Hosiery: Look Down, Not Up

Posted by Har-Man Importing on 12/1/2015 to DIY
We are used to seeing sparkle all around us, preferably Swarovski sparkle, of course.  But we never think to look down.  Well, start looking down!  Wolford, the high end Austrian hosiery brand is using Swarovski crystals on their hosiery to glam out your legs!

Attention all Hockey Fans!!!

Posted by Har-Man Importing on 11/1/2013 to DIY

Just in time for hockey season, Preciosa Ornela has a great tutorial for you to create your own hockey puck out of seed beads!!

Professor of Crystal

Posted by Har-Man Importing on 10/30/2013 to Product News

Create Your Style with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has created a YouTube series called "The Professor of Crystal".  These videos are full of great tips, tricks and ideas, perfect for any SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS project.

Meredith Roddy-Elasticity Chain Bracelet

Posted by Har-Man Importing on 4/26/2013 to DIY
Meredith Roddy is always creating beautiful pieces of jewelry using SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and this bracelet is no exception.

Meredith Roddy-Watusi Style Necklace

Posted by Har-Man Importing on 4/18/2013 to DIY
Our good friend Meredith Roddy is at it again, creating more of her beautiful handmade jewelry!
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