Czech seed beads are about fashion and design, but they are also about history and culture. Czech seed beads are used throughout the world and are the cornerstone of many different cultures. A film called, “Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians” is the story of one of these cultures whose very existence is being threatened.

The 2014 spanish language film by Argentinian director Hernan Vilchez was created at the request of the native Wixaritari (Huichol) people who live in Northern Mexico. The film shows the journey of one family to increase awareness and save the way of life of their people amidst the exploitation of their natural surroundings. A trailer of the film can be viewed below:

The Huichol people use Czech seed beads to make their colorful, beautiful and cultural designs. The same beads that we sell to all our customers around the world are the very same beads the Wixaritari tribe uses. The seed beads produced by Preciosa Ornela help teach small children about colors and how to count. Each seed bead color has its own symbolism in Huichol ornaments, expressing different feelings or moods. They are not only worn on everyday clothing; they are also worn on their masks, figures, ceremonial items, shamans’ hats and more. Below is a representation of how they use seed beads to make art and designs.

Seed Bead Art Example One
Seed Bead Art Example Two
Seed Bead Art Example Three

The creators of the film have been traveling around the world showing their film. In June of 2015, they went to visit the Preciosa Ornela seed bead factory where all their seed beads come from. It was an overwhelming experience for everyone.

The vibrant colors and intricate detail of the seed bead work done by the Wixaritari tribe pales only in comparison to the vibrant history of these people. We encourage you to view the trailer and view the video (please remember that it is in Spanish).

(All pictures courtesy of Preciosa Ornela)

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