Czech Glass Seed Beads: A Tour Around the World

Preciosa Ornela Seed Beads are the best seed beads produced today, anywhere in the world.  Not only are they the best quality, but they have the widest range of colors, coatings and styles!  And while they are still made in a small village in the middle of the hills in the Czech Republic, they are sold in over 110 countries!  From New York City to Ukraine to Kenya, everyone uses the seed beads from Preciosa Ornela (and we mean EVERYONE!).

Four and half centuries ago, Czech artisans brought back the secrets of glassmaking from the Ventian island of Murano to a region called Bohemia in the Czech Republic.  Today, the Preciosa Ornela factory resides in the small village of Desna in the Czech Republic combining traditional processes with modern industrial techniques.  The village only has 3,000 residents; 900 of which work at the factory.  The people who work at the factory have typically worked there for many years, as well as their parents before them.  It is almost a tradition. 

Preciosa Ornela’s Seed Beads have humble beginnings, but they are a veritable United Nations in who uses them.  Preciosa sells directly to 70 countries and through regional distributors (like us) to 40 more. The United States is a big importer primarily for the hobby and craft industries as well as Native American beadwork.  Preciosa Ornela seed beads can be found worn among members of the Kayapo tribe of the Amazon or in a Masai Mara village in Kenya, in a jungle bazaar in southern India, or in Ukraine or Russia where they are used to adorn religious icons and paintings. Fun fact: Seed bead necklaces are worn to indicate that a woman is getting married in India!

HarMan is proud to be an Authorized Distributor of Preciosa Ornela Seed Beads.  We sell their seed beads everyday from New York to South Africa to Iceland and many places in between.  Admittedly, the Kayapo tribe in the Amazon hasn’t found us quite yet… (GOOGLE US!)

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