Coca Cola offered to select fans the opportunity to win their very own bedazzled aluminum Diet Coke bottles by sharing who they think will win the top awards at the Oscars.

Kellie DeFries, also known as the Crystal Ninja is the artistic genius behind the artwork of these Swarovski crystallized Diet Coke Bottles. Along with her team, the Crystal Ninja crystallized 150 bottles for Coca Cola for this campaign. Each bottle is comprised of more than 1,500 Swarovski crystal rhinestones. 

Just look at the pictures by clicking here, can you say, “Oh my God!”

The following bottles were all crystallized with Swarovski rhinestones to represent the Best Picture Oscar nominees. 

All these bottles made of Swarovski crystal rhinestones are one-of-a-kind creations.  Kellie DeFries is known worldwide for being one of the top “crystallizers” using Swarovski crystals. Her crystallizing work can also be seen at the Oscars on the microphones of some of the top reporters like those of Access Hollywood. But her work is not limited there, she done crystallization work for celebrity swag bags, on high end properties and even with collaborative products with Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Henri Bendel, UGG and more.   

Kellie took it one step further a few years ago an invented the Crystal Katana, the best rhinestone blinging tool on the market today. It helped Kellie bling the interior of a London elevator with over 342,000 crystals. The Crystal Katana is an easy to use pen-like applicator with wax on one end and a metal piece at the other to allow for proper placement of each rhinestone. 

We are looking forward to seeing the Crystal Ninja’s next collaborative project! We are just sad it is too late to get our hands on one of these. It is rhinestone art. Pure rhinestone art. And we love it! 

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Date 2/27/2015


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