Every year Accessories Magazine and The NPD Group issue a Census Report on the accessories segment of the fashion industry. It is no secret how much we love our accessories, especially when they are crystallized or beaded. So, we wanted to share the highlights of the 2014 Census Report and, more importantly, the anticipated trends for 2015. We hope this brief summary will serve to spark your imagination and that you think of new, creative ways to incorporate beads, rhinestones and other Swarovski crystal products into your designs. 

For the total women’s accessories market, the 2013 retail sales were $31.3 billion and 2014 retail sales were $30.9 billion, a drop of 1.27%. 

While the overall holiday retail sales increased by 4% to $616.1 billion, accessories were a mixed bag (pun intended!): 
  • Fashion jewelry, handbags, small leather goods and sunglasses had sales downturns. 
  • Smaller accessories segments such as hats (up 36%!), slippers, belts and hosiery outperformed. This is believed to be attributed to increasing merchandise appealing to Millennials. 

The 2015 projected market share of these various accessories segments has an estimated projection of $30.8 billion (slightly down from 2014).

There were a number of key trends in 2014: 

Fashion and Bridge Jewelry 
  • Shift to more delicate designs; look of real styles versus bolder statement necklaces.
  • Metals more important than color. 
  • Innovative and creative styling using pearls – especially in different colors. (See our extensive collection of Swarovski crystal Pearls in a huge range of shapes and colors)
  • Flash tattoos are hot! The trend for 2015 are tats with stones! Reinvent Swarovski crystal tattoos by using rhinestones in flash tattoos. Learn about Swarovski crystal Tattoos and how these can be incorporated into flash tattoo designs by calling our office directly (1-800-BEADS-NY).
  • Personalization is still very important with the continuation of the bead and charm craze. (View our entire Swarovski BeCharmed Collection

  • Embellishment and Lurex are trending. 
  • Legwarmers are BACK! But this time with embellishments such as buttons. (Add Hot fix Swarovski rhinestones onto hosiery or legwarmers for the ultimate glam embellishment) 

  • If you haven’t thought about getting into slippers, now might be a good time. 2014 has a 15% increase in unit sales and a 16% increase in dollar sales. Rhinestone slippers anyone? 

Feeling inspired to bead or crystallize your designs? See all the beads, rhinestones, and trimmings that HarMan has to offer to small and large accessories designers and manufacturers at www.harmanbeads.com

You can purchase the entire report on The Accessories Magazine website.

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