Everyone needs a little sparkle during the long, dark days of winter.  Whether you want to enhance your holiday festivities, or need something to help you beat the January doldrums, Swarovski crystal has all the sparkle you need.  Here are four simple ways you can bring a little bling this winter season:

1.      Think Big. Just look around – you will see things sparkling in the most beautiful, and unexpected places.  Every year for the past 10 years, the star above the Rockefeller Christmas tree has been crystallized with Swarovski crystals.  2014 is no exception.  The Swarovski Star is made of 25,000 crystals with 1,000,000 facets and measuring 9 ½ feet in diameter and 1 ½ feet deep.  The Star weighs 550 pounds!

1.      Think Small. We admit that not everyone (ok, almost no one!) can have their tree topped with a 550lb. star. That shouldn’t prevent you from sparkling this winter though! Ornaments, tree skirts, stockings -- the list of holiday-related accessories ripe for crystal embellishing is endless.  If you are feeling ambitious, you can make a Swarovski crystal beaded garland!  (If you do, we are happy to feature that on our blog!  We’d also be beyond impressed.)

2.      Think Creatively. Small amounts of sparkle in unexpected places can brighten almost anyone’s day. For your business, liven up retail windows with Swarovski crystal bandings, or other crystal components. You will delight your customers and your employees. Or, you can offer a free gift with a purchase to your retail customers. We recommend Swarovski crystal, of course ;-).

3.      Think Simply. Pressed for time? Rhinestones can easily be glued to holiday cards or gift tags. Searching for a simple, personalized gift? Hot fix rhinestones are perfect for creating customized apparel or accessories.

The point is big or small, Swarovski crystals can be used in many ways throughout the holiday season and beyond.  Those bare, leafless trees can be so depressing; we could definitely use a little sparkle.

Remember 8th grade Geology when your teacher taught about the crystallization of water molecules turning into ice crystals, otherwise known as “snowflakes”?  Well, crystallizing the winter with Swarovski crystals just seems NATURAL!

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